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  1. People who use canned distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/Fedora, and so on) are left until a lot longer than patch Tuesday as it takes quite a while between distro releases, and that's just in reference to everyday packages. This is the kernel, which isn't a lot of fun to work with as an end-user, especially if you had to go through the trouble of recompiling a canned distro's kernel to get something working. Now you have to start over and/or wait until your canned distro comes out with a new release or easy-to-implement patch. Remember, it's not just nerds using Linux... everyday people are more and more starting to use it because of the accessibility of canned distros. (Don't worry about citing me examples of canned distros that have already upgraded or whatever, I was just speaking in general.)
  2. DjLizard

    One tool

    Spybot Search & Destroy. (For a second tool I guess I would want Autoruns.)
  3. I still haven't seen this one "in the wild" (at my shop). You'll need to contact Microsoft for help. They can't help you with Dial-a-fix, but they can help you fix the Cryptography service and get Windows Update working again. Use their newsgroups and/or email support. Until I actually get to experience this one myself, there's no way I'll be able to figure out what's going on.
  4. Also provide a copy of every file in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump and test your system's RAM and hard drive: http://lunarsoft.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=2269
  5. Any crashes during Dial-a-fix are my fault (that includes access violations) and I am not currently able to fix it due to my schedule. I won't be around the forums for a while either, sorry everyone. :(
  6. Is this Pro X64? If so, that would be the problem (Dial-a-fix was not tested in x64). I haven't tried Media Center edition either. I apologize but I will not be around the forums very much due to my schedule. I apologize. Try contacting Microsoft for support on the problem that prompted you to get Dial-a-fix. Use Microsoft's email support or their newgroups - they're free and there's a lot of great people helping out there.
  7. Sorry I couldn't get to your post in a timelier fashion. Obviously the crash isn't normal... it's probably caused by the unsafe methods with which DAF talks to version.dll. This will be addressed in a future update. This problem basically means version.dll is being passed garbage data (and it's Dial-a-fix's responsibility to pass good data). This usually happens when it's querying a corrupted file. The file that is breaking it is the one directly after the one displayed on the screen, so you'll need to look at the status bar during the crash, note the filename, re-open Dial-a-fix, and look at the tooltip for the section that was run. The file right after the one you saw in the status bar is the culprit. "Cancel" not working is just another Dial-a-fix stupidity which will be addressed in a future update, etc. version.dll isn't a COM/ActiveX object so it is normal that it cannot be registered. (Only a small fraction of system files can be registered, most of which Dial-a-fix covers.)
  8. What version of server is it? What version of Dial-a-fix do you have? I assume this is being run from an administrative account, is that correct?
  9. What is Dial-a-fix looking for? Can you give examples? Does the Dial-a-fix log contain these problems? Have you thoroughly looked at the %PATH% variable?
  10. http://windowshelp.m...rt/default.mspx That's http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/techsupport/default.mspx if the URL truncation p***es you off as much as it does me.
  11. DjLizard


    Trey: I'd decided to give up on supporting Vista for now. Try Microsoft PSS. Also, did you do this from an elevated command prompt?
  12. I don't do Vista (yet). I'd start by asking Microsoft PSS for assistance: http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/e...rt/default.mspx Although their newsgroups are the best bet, Microsoft's email support is really good as well. They try pretty hard. Be sure to be incredibly descriptive about every step and message you receive, the things you've already tried, and give them plenty of information about your system (manufacturer, model, how long you've had it, whether Vista is an upgrade from XP or a fresh install / preloaded, which edition of Vista you have, etc, etc.). Dial-a-fix Vista support will not be available until a to-be-announced month in 2008. Tarun: I recommend moving this thread to general support as I will not be providing support for Vista in here.
  13. I'll write a FAQ on my wiki to address this in a few days. (I'm still recovering from real life events and don't get much computer time.) For the most part, Dial-a-fix tells you what it does in the tooltips of the check boxes.
  14. If you're tech-savvy (or brave) you can use Linux and ddrescue to make an exact clone of your current drive to the new drive. I recommend that you stop using that computer altogether until you have both drives in your possession. The new drive will need to be exactly the same size as (or larger than) your current drive (in sectors/LBA). You can read this article I wrote which shows you how everything works: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Data_Recovery It's not very well-written or end-user friendly (yet) but it gets the point across. Don't forget to specify a log file parameter when using ddrescue.
  15. DjLizard

    Best Ever

    Thanks! I hope you plan on registering at Lunarsoft.net and staying for a while. :D
  16. You'll have to extract the file using 'expand' at a command prompt. expand -r X:\path\to\sqlxmlx.rl_ "%commonprogramfiles%\System\Ole Db"
  17. If you run Dial-a-fix a second time, do those errors reappear? Edit: I didn't realize that said x64. Dial-a-fix hasn't been tested with x64. I'm pretty sure it won't fix anything (and may break things). Dial-a-fix when running on x64 can only register 32-bit libraries, so Dial-a-fix isn't going to do you any good.
  18. DjLizard

    MSI Issues

    I saw your post in the other thread. I'll be working on this soon.
  19. Apparently this is what happens when msi.dll and msiexec.exe don't match. Follow all of the directions here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324638/en-us
  20. Start by performing an extensive DFT on your hard drive: http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT All of the information on how to use this program is there at that link. Make the disk, boot to it, and perform the longest test that it has (probably "extensive" or whatever). If your hard drive passes all tests without even a single error, then boot back into Windows and run chkdsk: Start > Run > chkdsk C: /F Answer 'Y' when it asks if you want to schedule it in the next restart. Then restart the computer. If chkdsk does not run, try Start > Run > cmd /k fsutil dirty set C: which should set the "dirty" flag (then restart again). After chkdsk, try Dial-a-fix again. If it still errors, delete system32\dllcache\qmgr.dll and then system32\qmgr.dll. This will prompt you for your XP CD and it will reinstall that file. Then try Dial-a-fix one more time.
  21. You should have attached the complete log so that I would be able to see your Windows version, IE version, etc. This looks like Windows 98/Me or something. Also, I see that Dial-a-fix is looking in the wrong location for msiexec.exe. I'll have to fix that in the next version. Windows 9x is ridiculously hard to troubleshoot because there aren't even real services running and there's no Event Log, and several other things that make NT better than 9x. All I can say is that you should run a disk-checking diagnostic tool (such as Hitachi DFT - http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT ) because if your computer is old enough to run 9x, then it's old enough to have its hard drive failing. If everything passes extensive DFT, then run scandisk C: /autofix /nosave from real DOS (Start > Shutdown > Restart in MS-DOS mode). If it is not resolved by that point, I suggest installing Windows over top of itself.
  22. DjLizard

    Windows Updates

    What do you mean? Did you email me or post here on the forums before? I'm afraid I don't follow. What sections of Dial-a-fix have you run and what, if any, errors did you receive? Have you tried "Flush SoftwareDistribution"? That usually does it for me. Answer "no" when you click it. The updates will re-download and you might find most or all of them will install this time. Let us know how it goes and post a Dial-a-fix log if you receive any errors.
  23. Thanks for the donation! winhttp isn't used by HP and I'm not sure what could be causing your wireless printer issues. What security software do you have installed on that system? If it's anything by Norton/Symantec stop now and uninstall it completely. If you have any other sort of software firewall on that computer (like ZoneAlarm, EZ Trust Firewall, etc) then you may need to check its rules list. If you do have one, know that I usually recommend against them.
  24. Open Source does not mean free as in beer. You are able to sell GPL'd software.
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