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  1. Would of still made it to your recycle bin though Dj. :w00t:

    Although it wasn't cheesy in anyway.

    Since my forum is now a ghost town, any posts are welcomed, even your jokes ;)

    Although that one wasn't stupid/corny and it probably wouldn't have been recycled.

  2. It kept giving me serious false positives (YOU'VE GOT NIMDA!!!111 wait what, I don't even have IIS), it takes much more resources than the other AVs I was used to, it almost never actually deleted viruses (just showed me where they are and said sorry, can't do it, hey, why not buy AVG full?) and is quite ugly looking (I care too much about interfaces, and AVG has an old school (in a bad way) interface that reminds me of Windows 3.1). I'm seriously jaded about software, so it only takes me about 5 minutes to hate a piece of software if I get a bad first impression.

  3. Several should just not exist at all.

    Is your site everything-in-the-world to everyone at once, or is it a specialized site? Without a focus, there will be no traffic. My forum is staying minimal (whether it helps or not) and you should consider ditching several forum sections altogether. I can't tell you which, though. Good luck on that one :D

    At any rate, as it stands, it's three full 1152x864 pages long, which is just like 'wtf'. Especially since nobody's here yet ;)

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