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  1. Just to throw my two cents in, I've absolutely never ever been able to get a Linksys wireless product to work in Windows Millennium. Ever. I've tried. A lot.
  2. Why didn't I think of that?! Thanks guys.
  3. Quite possibly, as WLM is a beta AND a Microsoft product I also loathe codec packs in general, but that's your call.
  4. But it is a WLM problem. That CLSID ({0776F107-F5A6-404B-9A78-7027FA6EAADD}) belongs to "Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin" and this problem is caused by this specific beta version.
  5. That dump says explorer crashed because of an access violation caused by a stack overflow in normaliz.dll (part of IE) called from a program named Upgrader.exe, which I have to assume is another virus. Tarun can take it from here :hello:
  6. Don't post in my forum if you don't know the exact answer that actually fixes the problem. Edit: upgrading to IE7 is like "upgrading" to Vista, not to mention that this rarely works (and often ends up worse). Sometimes installing IE7 and then rolling back to IE6 works, but this doesn't sound like that kind of a problem. It sounds like an extensions problem.
  7. Well, I upgraded to XP from Vista if that tells you anything. Yeah, "upgraded". God Vista makes me angry now. Anyway, yeah, it will be a long time before I ever get to something like repair permissions for Vista, although I did notice that Vista has the same INF available that XP has, but I've never tested its usefulness. Did you post at Microsoft's newsgroups?
  8. Dial-a-fix part resolved as of this thread -> https://forums.lunarsoft.net/index.php?showtopic=2172
  9. Denise: unfortunately, you can't really blame any software (such as IE7) as being the problem if the hard drive is failing -- an installer will try to copy a file but the hard drive will write the file's contents incorrectly due to whatever underlying problem is there. I'm just saying this to make the semantics clear. The "Data = 1" part of HDTune means that your drive has had at least one reallocated block (and a block contains one or more sectors). This means data loss is imminent, or has already happened. Any new writes to the drive could make it die any day now. Good luck with your computer - I hope you are able to get a new one soon (or at least a new hard drive).
  10. I just re-read this thread (I'm re-reading ALL of the threads in here for things I've missed). I just realized what you're asking. The RPC service is critical to Windows, so if anything crashes it, the system knows it can't go on, so it schedules a restart. Usually the problem is in COM+, and there's only two solutions that I know of: a full reinstall of Windows (because the registry is damaged), or a repair install of Windows (to repair the COM+ subsystem). I hope that helps anyone else who stumbles upon this thread.
  11. Well, Dial-a-fix will register the DLLs that belong to your operating system, but usually, this crash is caused by third party plugins. Have you checked for toolbars and add-ons yet? Uninstall things like: Google toolbar Yahoo toolbar AOL toolbar Earthlink toolbar Verizon toolbar ...and so on. You can also post a Hijack This! log which will show us yet more Internet Explorer add-ons. Please post one.
  12. Are you saying everything is OK now? I do not have any checks for genuine XP in Dial-a-fix.
  13. When I first read this post, I didn't realize you were saying it was fixed Thanks for the praise!
  14. This is a bump to let everyone who is having this issue know that I will write about how to fix this without rolling back SAM in a day or two.
  15. We got our new server parts in and just threw 2003 on it, so we're going to play with WSUS ourselves - but thanks for the offer!
  16. Try "wuauclt.exe /detectnow" Also, "windows update.log" is a different file. Look for "windowsupdate.log" without the space.
  17. I'm always interested in odd WU behavior, and I tend to know more about this crap than everyone else anyway, so it's fine to post here for now. (Oh and Tarun - I know da sponge from Something Awful.) The problem is though, that I only have experience fixing client computers not joined to a domain / using WSUS. I've never used WSUS before and it could be something simple causing this, but I would never know it since I don't have access to WSUS (yet). My boss is building a Win2k3 box soon and we'll be experimenting with WSUS, but until then, I literally know nothing about how it works or where it can go wrong. What kind of stuff is in SoftwareDistribution making it grow? Logs? Patch files? DataStore.edb? Have you kept a close eye on the Event Viewer of the afflicted machines for clues? Edit: have you checked out %systemroot%\windowsupdate.log on the afflicted machines? I believe Windows still uses this log when doing WSUS updates.
  18. Yes, but it won't be released for a while (it will be built into Dial-a-fix eventually).
  19. See if you have the file sqlxmlx.rll in C:\Program Files\Common Files\system\Ole DB\. (Note the .rll versus .dll extension.) If you don't have the .rll file, you can find it in the i386 folder on the Windows CD (as either sqlxmlx.rll or sqlxmlx.rl_, I can't remember which). Once you replace the .rll file, you can register the .dll file. A check for this will be in the next version of Dial-a-fix.
  20. There will be a Vista repair permissions (but not very soon), and I don't know much about fixing Vista since I haven't actually been able to work on broken Vista machines yet. I'm afraid I'm of no help for now.
  21. My temp folder cleanup routine sucks and I'm going to rewrite it Sorry about that.
  22. The next DLL after es.dll is fontext.dll - this is (or may be) where Dial-a-fix is crashing. Can you register fontext.dll by doing the following? Click Start, then click Run..., then type this in the Run box: regsvr32 fontext.dll If that doesn't work, fontext.dll might be corrupted. Dial-a-fix's version checking scheme isn't protected very well (since I was a noob when I wrote it ) so corrupted DLLs can crash Dial-a-fix kind of easily (sadly). I'm working on improving this for future versions. Let me know what message appears after you try regsvr32 on fontext.dll. If you get an error with regsvr32 about fontext.dll, you might try extracting fontext.dll from your Windows installation CD (or looking for an alternate copy somewhere else on your system). You could also run SFC scan through Dial-a-fix's Tools dialog. Don't purge SFC, though, just scan.
  23. It is apparent that the MSIServer is not responding. A future version of Dial-a-fix will have a timer that avoids this problem. I'm sorry about that! At any rate, if you restart the computer fresh and try it again it may be able to unregister it. If not, I'll tell you how to manually unregister/re-register it so that it will stop hanging. (Dial-a-fix is hanging because Windows is hanging on it.)
  24. DjLizard

    DCOM Permissions

    No, it doesn't, at least not in the way you probably would like it to. If you have an article describing the methods for fixing the problem you're talking about I'd love to see it - I might be able to implement it as a Tool module.
  25. We would definitely need a log so that I can at least find out which version of Dial-a-fix you are using. There was a bug a while back that caused an access violation in version.dll (but that was in Windows 2000 Pro) but I already fixed that one (which doesn't apply to you since you have XP). Also, what file name is listed in the status bar at the time of the crash? In case someone linked you to a third-party site to get Dial-a-fix (and maybe you ended up with an older version), here is the official site: https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix Thanks in advance!
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