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  1. What's the license on this version? Free for personal use only?
  2. https://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Myths Please add any and all sites that support the truth. I'm currently looking for some good anti-defrag pages to link to. Pages I want to link to about defrag will hopefully fall under these guidelines: * Doesn't say defrag is "useless" in XP, or on NTFS, or with fast drives, because it isn't useless * (Optional) : doesn't mention myths that don't exist, like "NTFS doesn't get fragmented at all" * Benchmarking data about the performance gain of NTFS versus FAT32 in general * Benchmarking data about the performance gain from defragmenting FAT32 * Some data about the lack of performance gain from defragmenting NTFS * Hopefully a mention about how some fragmentation is necessary * Something that mentions that defragmenting often isn't going to kill your drive faster, but fragmentation itself would if you weren't defragmenting So yeah, defrag is kind of a mixed bag. That's why it's hard to find the truth (This should be a sticky in the general "Technical" forum, not under any given sub-forum)
  3. http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.as...=y&arctab=y
  4. Spyware typically doesn't try to infect other computers on the same network - viruses do.
  5. http://www.turboexplorer.com/mirror Now with direct-downloads and torrents for full ISO images (no need to download app + prereqs, just get a complete ISO!) Note: only one Turbo app can be installed at a time, I guess. Tarun: for us, Delphi 7 is probably better - we need the third party components, and the new IDE is a lot different... but one day I might migrate away from 7 (you can still use third party components from code in the Turbo editions, just not from the palette).
  6. Yeah, you have to have a Borland account, but since I frequently access Borland's site, it wasn't that big of a deal for me (I actually use my account, whereas you will probably just need it the one time).
  7. http://www.turboexplorer.com/delphi Borland's "Turbo" name is back, and now you can download Turbo editions of Borland's products for free! (Basically, they're competition for Visual Studio and its "Express" line of free compilers/IDEs.) So if you wanna get legit (i.e., not using Delphi 7 SE or some other pirated version) and want to use the latest (2006) IDE, they are now available for download. C++, C#, and Delphi for .NET compilers are available, as well!
  8. There are lots of tutorials and information about programming in Object Pascal on the web (if you'd just try searching for it). At least start here: http://www.marcocantu.com/edelphi/
  9. Yeah, it's cooler than I thought it'd be. I prefer C# to VB for .NET purposes, but that's because C & C++ are much better foundational languages for object-oriented programming than BASIC is, and C# is a mixture of C++ and some Object Pascal fundamentals.
  10. You can write in assembly inline (or entirely) in Delphi, and Delphi is as fast as C++ is (and I certainly can't figure out how Delphi could be considered difficult... it's exactly like VB except with the prettier Pascal grammar) I would only consider VB okay if you're writing in VB.net. VB6 is horrible and needs to die.
  11. DjLizard.net is apparently worth one easy payment of $1,995
  12. gahahahaha I told him to do it but I didn't think he was going to actually do it. gahahahaha edit: no but actually I meant it should be made an actual team, so it shows up under his avatar. :D
  13. It isn't August 3rd here yet, but thanks :P
  14. Freedom of Speech (better known as Freedom of Expression) means you have the freedom to express yourself without government censorship. It does not mean, however, that you are automatically entitled to a platform on which to perform your expression, which is what this is about. This bill only covers schools and libraries which are federally funded. Since federal funding is a choice that schools and libraries can accept or deny, no actual direct government censorship is being comitted (only the following of a contract that is entered into when funding is accepted). The schools and libraries under this contract can just as easily exit the contract by ceasing government funding, at which point censorship will cease (as it was only part of the funding contract). If you are in someone else's environment (a business that isn't yours, a library, a school, some other public place) then you do not automatically have complete freedom -- you are in someone else's house and you are under obligation to follow the contract (i.e., terms of use/acceptable use policy, etc) that you've entered into by being at said location. This also means that you can be removed from the premises if your expression is not welcomed. (That is also not a breach of freedom of speech).
  15. Heya. Re: secedit - you probably called Dial-a-fix.exe from some other tool (and thus the working directory was not where Dial-a-fix.exe is). I'll definitely fix that in the next build. Re address bar: I had to help Radium fix that once, actually, so I will probably build that in DAF at a later date (don't know about the secondary problem). I'm considering rewriting DAF from scratch and making it more modular (to where technicians can possibly write scripts... I dunno yet).
  16. DjLizard

    IE help

    It's not my bug. Well, first of all, I've never had that happen. Second, there's nothing actually wrong with my batch script itself that would cause this. If secedit.exe sends a return value but stays open, that's secedit's problem :P
  17. DjLizard

    IE help

    Repair Permissions typically takes a long time, even on fast systems that have no problems. Also, the package on my wiki does exactly the same thing as running it from Dial-a-fix :P
  18. Well I won't call it a bug since it's just reporting the value as-is in the registry... if anything, whatever's forcing it to 0 is a bug (or maybe a feature) of protection software. Like I said, I'll put in a checkmark (enabled by default) that ignores policies with a "0" value.
  19. DjLizard

    IE help

    I see you had issues editing a registry key... have you tried Dial-a-fix's Repair permissions? (you need the medium version)
  20. It's probably a protection software that you have. Do you and krit have OneCare Live or Windows Defender or something? I saw this happen once in OneCare, and I don't use these programs, so I don't know about them. It's not a bug in DAF, it's just something forcing the policy to off each time you restart (and in the case of OneCare, every 10 seconds).
  21. I don't really know about your filesystem problems. I'd start backing up and prepare for a format in case things get worse. As for the policy, I'm going to put in a checkmark that disables the display of policies set to "0" (which means that the policy is not enabled). The fact that it came back is kind of sad... that probably means you have some sort of protection software which is constantly forcing that key to 0, or something like that. It doesn't matter; with it set to '0', it does nothing anyway. Like I said though, the next DAF will ignore those by default.
  22. ahaha 3atAbull3t bumped the thread :P
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