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  1. Ok, my turn now.. A bit different... Anti-Spyware: None (I actually mainly work/browse in my VMware) Anti-Virus/Firewall: Avira AntiVir premium Browser: Firefox Disk Management: Ccleaner + manually cleanup registry leftovers - don't like registry Cleaners anyway. File-Sharing: I don't share FTP: Filezilla Graphics: Paint shop pro Instant Messenger: Trillian Media Player: Windows Media Player 11 Utilities: Dial-a-fix, HijackThis, Unlocker, ProcExp, PEExplorer, IceSword, some "small other utilities" and Vmware (which I mainly use for analysis, beta testing and "random browsing" - No, I am not paranoid )
  2. Sorry to jump in, but can you send me the sample C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\rtfdhcp.dll please? miekiemoes AT malware-research.co.uk (replace AT with @ ) Thank you very much! Btw, in case it's detected as Vundo/Virtumundo/Conhook, then no need to send it.
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