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  1. IE7pro is an add-on for IE 7 which adds lots of features and extras to make your IE easier, more useful, secure and customizable. You can use IE7pro as Tab Management, AD Blocker, Flash Block, Super Drag Drop, Crash Recovery, Proxy Switcher, Mouse Gesture, Tab History Browser, Web Accelerator, User Agent Switcher, Webpage Capturer, Greasemonkey for IE and etc . Using IE7pro, you can Close/Open tab by double left click, build your own greasemonkey script, switch proxy, switch user agent, block ads and flash, recover browser crash, apply super drag drop, auto scroll page, manage tab history, refresh tab automatically, open new tab from address bar and favorites, view page information and save whole page to images quickly and so on. Changelog: 1. Support Internet Explorer 6 2. Improve user script system 3. Open new tab from links bar 4. Support windows vista UAC 5. Avoid conflicts with other addons 6. Blocked flash can be played again 7. “AD Blocker” rules case-insensitive now 8. Split user custom rule list from system default “AD Blocker” rules list 9. User can use right click context menu to block frame/graph 10. User can disable default “AD Blocker” 11. User script system only load javascript with .ieuser.js extension 12. User can left-click not right-click to activate the menu from status bar 13. The config file under Windows Vista change to C:Users{User Name}AppDataLocalLowie7pro ( User who's Vista don't work under UAC mode should have to copy their config file from C:Users{User Name}AppDataRoamingie7pro to the new folder )
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