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  1. I'd like to encourage everyone that wants to test the game to go to www.guildwars.com and read about the new expansion version. They are running a free trial this weekend from Jan. 20-Jan. 22. I know I'll be on a lot this weekend! I now have a nifty picture of my uber warrior Sprong Trod. Anyone who reads this and actually plays, add me to friends! See ya in game.
  2. Sprong Trod Smash! Sprong Trod need healer! Ok enough of that, are you going to update our cape Tarun? You still got the old one posted. Guild Wars rules. You can catch me in game as Sprong Trod (W/E), Spoons Mcgee (N/R) or Master Tee (Mo/Me). *Looks like the cape was updated! Thanks.
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