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  1. I had to repair manually about a hundred keys to install the SP1 of Office 2007 ! I think my system is going worse and worse... Please find a new team of developers that can build a repair permissions package for Vista or I switch back to XP SP3 the next I have this kind of problem. Thank you ! pihug12 [PS : Good luck DjLizard for your new life !]
  2. Since two days, I MUST update WLM to use it (otherwise I can't log in). I can't uninstall WLM and I can't update it, so I can't use this software. Nobody answer me on the Microsoft Newsgroups. I can access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MediaPlayer but not his subkeys. Please, what's up with repair permissions tool ?!? pihug12 [EDIT : new post in Windows Vista section.]
  3. I cannot install "Mise à jour de sécurité pour Microsoft Office System 2007 (KB936960)". I cannot use the new Windows Live Installer to update Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer. pihug12 :cool:
  4. I tried RegASSASSIN with no success. pihug12 [PS : it's hard to access to this forum]
  5. OK It's done. It means if I cannot install KLite Mega Codec Pack, it's the WLM fault ? WLM breaks my registry ? pihug12 :hello:
  6. I didn't post at Microsoft WLM's newsgroups because it's not a WLM problem. Perhaps, can I post it elsewhere ? I don't find where I can do that on Microsoft Website : http://www.microsoft.com/communities/default.mspx pihug12 :hello:
  7. Hello ! My computer goes more and more badly. I cannot deinstall QuickTime, cannot install K-Lite Codec Pack... I think that more than this key is bad. Please find a solution before I can do nothing ! pihug12 :hello:
  8. Hello ! I already tried to change the permissions of this key (see my first post). I think if I ask my problem on Microsoft forums, they will answer me : repair permissions or format your computer (reinstall Windows). Will a Vista ready version of repair permissions package be released soon ? pihug12 :hello:
  9. I run it as an administrator (right click) and it doesn't work. secanalyze.log : http://www.mediafire.com/?5sgct1scxyc secrepair.log : http://www.mediafire.com/?2re9nmmdccm (sorry, the log are in French but I think you can understand them) L'analyse [...] s'est terminée correctement. means that is OK. L'analyse [...] s'est terminée par une ou plusieurs erreurs. means that isn't OK. UAC is disable, of course. I think the problem came from "Moteur de configuration de désinitialisation" (I can't translate it, the last word isn't correct) because it's the last line in the log. Are you sure the repair permissions tool is Vista ready ? pihug12 :hello:
  10. My English is bad. I hope you understand. My question is : must I have more than 5Go left to repair permissions ? With Windows XP, I did that with less than that. pihug12 :nyah:
  11. Hello ! I have Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows Live Messenger Beta (8.5). Two days ago, Microsoft released an update for WLM Beta by Windows Update. I can't install it, there is error 57A. I searched on the web, and I saw I can see the log of the error in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp ; the file must be called MSIxxxxx.LOG. I tried to go on this key with regedit but the access is refused : "Unable to UIPlugins". So I got repair permissions package. I had an error, the log are in C:\Windows\security\logs. Error 8: Insufficient space to treat this order. I have 5Go left, it's not enough ? Where is the problem ? pihug12 :hello:
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