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  1. Oki doki here is mine for this month...
  2. Yet another one ... this time simple and dark
  3. My new September Desktop WindowBlinds6: Skin by Jemaho RocketDock Vista SP1 Sidebar by Rafael Wallpaper: my own
  4. that's what I'm currently using
  5. Ok...setting up my couch, PC...Video and TV and my fridge with some nice cool drinks and last but not least my lovely coffee maker :hello:
  6. After a week of extensive testing, the CRN Test Center found that users of Windows Vista and Windows XP are equally at risk to viruses and exploits and that overall Vista brings only marginal security advantages over XP. One of Microsoft's big promises with Vista was a more secure operating system. But when stripped to the bare bones and thrown into the wild, wild Web, Vista's security failed to impress Test Center engineers. Vista remains riddled with holes, despite its multilayer security architecture and embedded security tools. Besides providing no improvement in virus protection vs.
  7. Another Forum I popped in so I'll say Helloooooooooooooooooooooo to everybody :hello:
  8. I use Mozilla Firefox which I am very happy with. I even don't use IE anymore for my updates too. But I think that are great addons :hello:
  9. I got the Lunarsoft searchbar now too :hello:
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