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  1. I tried it in safe mode and it worked. I removed several rootkit and trojan kovter malwares. PC is working better. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. I have downloaded AdwCleaner but the system doesn't let me install it. I am getting a ton of malware, adware popups. Almost every few seconds.
  3. Hi, I recently started having these websites open up. It says my computer is infected. I am currently running McAfee stinger and it already found a trojan named artemis. It says it has deleted it. It is still running the scan and I am still getting the popups with the message noted about. I downloaded malwarebytes and it says it is installed, but when i click on the icon it won't open the application. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi Tarun, I tried to install windows 10, but it doesn't seem to want to download. It says it's downloading but it never does. Download percent completion is always at 0 percent. Any idea what I can do? Thanks.
  5. I've yet to use Windows 10. How has it worked for you? Are there a lot of bugs for MSFT to work out or does it run smoothly? I have MSFT Office 2007. Will W10 work with Office 2007? Thanks for the reply. Eddie
  6. I keep getting messages about upgrading to Windows 10 for free. Is this really free and legit? It says it's from Microsoft. Message says I have until July 29, 2016. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks Eddie
  7. Can someone recommend a decent brand of a wireless router. Something not to expensive, but funtional. Thanks
  8. I just bought a new hard drive on ebay. 7200 rpm. I got it for $40 with free shipping. Thanks.
  9. Thank GK! Are refurbished drives worth buying?
  10. I ran the seatools test (DOS version) and it fails all tests. I contacted HP and they wanted to sell me the following for $90 plus shipping: 250GB SATA hard disk drive - 7,200 RPM, 2.5-inch form factor, 9.5MM thick. I think that's a bit high in my opinion. Will any SATA 2.5 work? What about SATA II or SATA III? are those compatible with my system? How can I determine if they are? I also thought it was supposed to have a 250GB HD but when i opened it up it had a 100GB HDD. I bought it from my coworker and she bought it at Walmart last year and swears she's never replaced it. Pretty good machine overall. Has Windows 7 and 3GB Ram. Thanks
  11. My laptop needs a new hard drive. How do I know what type i need? The laptop is an HP model number is G60-519WM. Thanks Eddie
  12. Thank you for all the replies. Very helpful.
  13. I downloaded the newest version of Java and on the website it said to remove older versions of Java. I have the newest version Java 7 Update 7 and what I had previously, Java 6 Update 23 (64-bit). Should I remove the Java TM 6 version? PC is working fine.
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