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  1. Where is the old Master on the cable inside your PC, if it's the Slave position remove the jumper, and double check the cable at the drive - is the cable properly seated? There should be Primary Master/Slave and Secondary Master/Slave IDE connectors on your motherboard, locate the drive correctly on the cable. You may need to check the BIOS settings, if your old settings are Type [user Defined] (or some variation), set the hard drive detection to Type [Automatic]. I didn't not connect it directly to the mother board. I used a universal IDE/SATA to USB adapter. It worked for the slave drive, but not the master.
  2. Wow! If I've read this topic correctly, it was the slave drive (the Seagate) that you had all your working files on. So does that mean you have finally had succes in recovering your working files? If so, it's worth noting for everyone's future reference that at least one brand of PATA-USB adapter doesn't work if the drive is set to slave. . Yes I retrieved the files on the slave drive but I still have some files on the master that I haven't been able to access. For some reason my new PC isn't recognizing it. The master drive is several years older than the slave, maybe it's incompatible with windows 7? Not really sure.
  3. I tried to reconnect the old master drive to my new PC. The drive is working (I can hear it running) but I am getting the message that the drive is not recognized. Any options? Thanks again.
  4. No vibration, I guess maybe it got fried with that power surge that killed my old PC? I will reconnect later to give it one more go. I am backing my files as we speak. taking a bit long. I guess I don't have it connected to a 2.0 usb.
  5. I replaced that jumper you mentioned to the slave drive and I was able to access my old files. I think the master drive is dead because when I connect the power cable to it I don't hear any noise.
  6. Thanks. I will give it a try and see what happens.
  7. Slave drive. see prior post for other drive. Thanks again.
  8. here are pictures of the drives. this is the master (19GB). next post has pic of other drive. Thanks.
  9. The data is important but not critical. I will continue trying to access it and will remain open to suggestions. Would connecting it directing to my new PC's motherboard change anything?
  10. My old computer had two hard drives. I connected the 2nd hard drive which was the master drive on my old PC. When I plugged it into my new PC's USB it gave me the message "Installing Device Driver Hardware". I opened Windows Explorer and the USB drive wasn't visible. I then went to "disk management" to find the drive and it is there and has this information: "orginal Hard drive, Disk 5, Unknown, 19GB, Not initialized, 19.00 GB unallocated". Not sure what we need to do. I ran the seagate programs and it visible as you can see in the screen shot but I couldn't run any tests on it. Any suggestions are welcome.
  11. here is the printscreen of the scan completed by the Seagate tools for windows. I don't see where it found the usb drive. Am I missing screen.
  12. I will download that item and get back to you. Thanks for all your help.
  13. No, No, No, we've just established that the drive is NOT SATA, but the universal adapter kit, of course has a SATA cable (otherwise it wouldn't be universal) which is unused. The connection chain is DRIVE --> Universal adapter head (PATA side) --> USB cable --> working PC 100MB seems very small for a partition on any hard drive, unless it's a boot loader partition. It's a strange size and odd that nothing is visible. I would expect to see at least some folders, even if system files are hidden. As Tarun says, it's a bit difficult, without being able to interact directly, but I think a screenshot of what can bee seen of the drive properties in Disk Management would be useful. . here is a screenshot of Disk Management
  14. here is the printscreen you asked for some time back. sorry it took so long. Hopefully you'll be able to determine what is the problem. Thanks
  15. I've been trying to attach a copy of the screenshot of the new drives properties but I can't seem to get the file to upload into the post. I get this message when I try to upload the file "Error This upload failed". The screenshot is saved in MS Paint. What am I doing wrong. Thanks
  16. I got my USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable today. I connected it to my PC and it said it had recognized the new hardware and was installing the driver for it. I opened Windows Explorer, bit I couldn't see the drive. I then went to "Disk management" and i could see the drive there and named it the "M Drive". I can now see the "M" drive in windows explorer, but I can't see any folders or files. When I was in "Disk Management I could see the size of the drive and available space. Any ideas on what I need to do to access my old working files? Thanks.
  17. I believe you are right. I had borrowed that item from work, but i had to return it. I need to buy one. Maybe ebay. What exactly should I buy? I just want to access my old files on my old hard drive. Is this the item I need to buy? http://cgi.ebay.com/USB-2-0-IDE-SATA-S-ATA-2-5-3-5-HD-HDD-Adapter-Cable-/260776023019?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb77653eb
  18. Thanks. My memory does not serve me well.
  19. I am going to try and connect the old drive directly to my new PC's motherboard. Should I turn of the PC before connecting? Also, is there a specific slot on the MB that I should connect to? Thanks
  20. I haven't been able to access the files on the old hard drive. Under disk managment I can see the drive. I wasn't able to see it in windows explorer but named it "J" in Disk Management. I could then see the drive but not my working files. They are there but not accessible.
  21. Hi Tarun, I got the sata cable and connected it to old hard drive. I plugged in the power and then the usb to the new PC. I can't seem to access the files on the old drive. What am I doing wrong? please help. Thanks. This is my old hard drive with the sata cable attached. The cable on the right side has the usb which I connected to my new PC. This cable had a small red cable attached to the end where it connects to the hard drive. Not sure if I should be using that. There doesn't seem to be any place to plug it in. The other cable is the power. Still no access to the drive. This is the end of the small red cable. when I connect my old drive to my new PC it does seem to recognize it. Under devices it is listed as "USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge". Not sure what that means but I cannot accesss any of the files or "see the drive in Windows Explorer. For this device under properties it says USB Mass Storage Device".
  22. The hard drive is a Seagate Ultra ATA Barracuda 7200.7.
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