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  1. Hey Tarun, Excuse my ignorance but what type of connection do I need to buy to do that? Please provide details. Thank you.
  2. My old computer was put out of commission due to a power surge which fried the Motherboard. I just got a new PC and would like to know what is the best way to access my working files from the hard drive of the old computer. PS: wasn't sure where to post this question. Thanks in advance.
  3. I upgraded to Windows XP and it worked like a charm. Thanks E
  4. I did download the driver from the linksys site and it didn't work. I am going to reinstall windows and if that don't work I don't know what will. Thanks and I will keep you posted on what happens. Eddie
  5. Purchased it a month ago. I tried it on my other PC and it's functional. I install the software and when I click on the Icon I get that error message. Uninstalled it several times and after 3 times I got the following messages as well: :the file mdusb.out was not found", and " m4301A.sys was not found". Not sure what that means. Any ideas? Maybe reinstall windows. Thanks
  6. :hello: I am trying to get my brother's older PC on my wireless router so he can have internet access. His system is operating on Windows Millennium. I purchased the wirelss adapter and it is compatible with Windows Me. After I install the software for the wireless adapter and try and open the program I get the following error message: "Wusb11b has caused an error in Kernel32.dll". I've tried everything short of reinstalling windows. I've also updated windows, checked for spyware and did a disk cleanup. I've removed the driver and reinstalled it several times and still I get the error message. I tried the adapter on my newer PC and it does work so I know it's functional. I also tried updating the driver and such. I know nothing about networks, and this is my first router so please bear with me. Please let me know if any additional information might help. The adapter is a LINKSYS WUSB11 version 4. Eddie
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