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  1. FYI USgovt is going to stop making all ammo available this is the only way they can curb gun possession. The UN even tried to get the gun law passes here and could not...so go on a shopping spree if you want to be able to use your piece. We may need to use it in the near future.... We got out and shoot only 1x month now but are stocking up - while we can. sunbirdbudz
  2. Hi Everyone, I guess I am here more or less for the same reasons you all are. I'm having a little trouble with my machine and would like to be able to fix it. I live in Charleston, SC, and am watching the sun come up this AM as I write this. It's going to be another miserable 110+ degree day - just like yesterday. The city was deserted - only a few people walking around and they were tourists thinking they would come to the sea and cool off! HaHa - not in this lifetime..it's probably hotter here than where they were from..the humidity, and we sit in a bowl-like depression, up the mouth
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