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  1. Hi, DjL; I know that this log does not say much, but during a registration process of cim_ _ _ .dll. this big ugly Access Violation occurred during reset WMI/WBEM process in Tools. The program ran fine thru the whole thing..but then I got into the "TOOLS". Maybe I should have left well enough alone? I really want my REGISTRY cleaned up and out..badly! I thought that might do it for me. [?] I ran a free scan of REG SCAN before I found your program, and it told me I had 953 empty registry entries and a few other things totaling 1500 and something issues to be fixed. I never trust a free scan that says there's lots of stuff wrong just so you will purchase the program...that sucks..right? I came across your program at the COMODO site under " Collection of Free and Useful Programs ". I do knnow I have corrupted COM stiff, as that box that opens is always full of errors. I haVE ZERO SPYWARE ON THIS MACHINE. In addition to the scanners I have instlled, I go to SECUNIA and do the SOFTWARE INSPECTOR, to keep my vers up to date. I AM RUNNING: a fully updated ver of WIN XP SP 2, with: Zone Alarm Free Avast Free - and it stops me from access the web SuperAntiSpywarePro[paid for ver] Advanced WindowsCareV2 by IOBit Lavasoft AdAware 2007/AdWatch Windows Defender Eulaizer IZArc IE 7 w/ updates GreenBrowser Firefox w/ NoScript, AdBlockPlus,Macafee Site Advisor [just removed it], w/plug-ins for Flash,Shockwave,QT,Real,blah, blah Thunderbird -Latest Stable Build AbiWord - newest download this week WinAmp Free - got it this week Irfanview FLV Player FVL Grabber We have been having a lot of thunderstorms in Charleston,SC also. It was 110 degrees out my window today - in the shade!!!! Hot, I could have fried an egg on the pqvement..and town looked like a ghost town. I live downtown and it;s always busy - even into the night and beyond. Love living in the city. That's all I can say now, but if you wand/need more info- just holler. Notes about this log: 1) "->" denotes an external command being executed, and "-> (number)" indicates the return code from the previous command 2) Not all external command return codes are accurate, or useful 3) Sometimes commands return 0 (no error) even when they fail or crash 4) If an error occurs while registering an object, please send an email to: dial-a-fix@DjLizard.net and include a copy of this log DAF version: v0.60.0.24 --- System info --- OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 IE version: 7.0.5730.11 MPC: 76477-OEM CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+ (~2200MHz) CPU: CPU is 64-bit or has 64-bit extensions BIOS: 9/19/2006 Memory (approx): 446MB Uptime: 2 hour(s) Current directory: C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Desktop\Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24\Dial-a-fix-v0.60.0.24 --- 8/7/2007 6:54:09 AM -- Dial-a-fix : [v0.60.0.24] -- started 6:54:09 AM | Policy scan started 6:54:09 AM | Policy scan ended - no restrictive policies were found
  2. FYI USgovt is going to stop making all ammo available this is the only way they can curb gun possession. The UN even tried to get the gun law passes here and could not...so go on a shopping spree if you want to be able to use your piece. We may need to use it in the near future.... We got out and shoot only 1x month now but are stocking up - while we can. sunbirdbudz
  3. Hi Everyone, I guess I am here more or less for the same reasons you all are. I'm having a little trouble with my machine and would like to be able to fix it. I live in Charleston, SC, and am watching the sun come up this AM as I write this. It's going to be another miserable 110+ degree day - just like yesterday. The city was deserted - only a few people walking around and they were tourists thinking they would come to the sea and cool off! HaHa - not in this lifetime..it's probably hotter here than where they were from..the humidity, and we sit in a bowl-like depression, up the mouth of two rivers....it's pretty but very humid and hot. I remember one July we actually had hail and sleet and snow...would be nice right about now. oh..there goes my Grey Parrot telling me "Good Morning"..and she's hungry! Got to go..and post my probs.. and get some zzzzzzzz's. sunbirdbudz
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