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  1. They do have that . But what they don't have is undervolted protection, and as it's an active switching PSU it did smoke while struggling for power, that's all I wanted to say. I don't give much about ripple or noise in my PSU and have now a non 80 Plus PSU that does 80+ any way but in a shorter range, say from 150 to 300W load, it has mostly the same components used as my old 80+ one. It also doesn't turn on when voltage is under 85. Yup, an UPS would have saved it most likely, but doesn't that eat 5% of your efficiency too? You know, across the loo there is a country where they do
  2. This doesn't work always by the way. Let me tell you a story about a coolermaster 80 plus PSU... Once, far far away... in a land called Mexico, a Dutch guy bought a modular 600W coolermaster PSU. The Dutch guy installed it and it worked great, but, as always, great things do end too! One day he came into his office and smelled a burning stink, not knowing where it came from. he knew that there was a brownout (no, he wasn't smelling the brown... *snap*) and so, something got damaged. He turned on his PC and all looked fine. 3 Weeks later he turned on his PC as well and smoke and fire came
  3. I see, I believe you have speakers that got 5 or 12 volt from the PC before, some "brandname" PC used those and the were mostly attached to the screen itself. Or, the old computer had a build in amplifier. A good set of stereospeakers would be between 50 and 100USD. Speakers are personal, so I would listen to a good set a local shop if possible. Note that they need to have a build-in amplifier as your new computer will only put out a few mili-watts. If you are not sure what to pick you can always ask us again .
  4. Did you test those same speakers with a MP3 player or walkman or so? If headphones work, the speakers should work too, so I think it's your speakers and not the soundcard or onboard sound connections. Test that first. Now, about the new set of speakers; what setup do you want (eg. 2.1, 5.1 or stereo) and how much do you like to spend on those including shipping?
  5. Thank you Tarun! Love ya man! ;)
  6. That's more CPU power load, idle my system shows 2 green and under load it goes up to 2 green and 2 orange, even occasionally 2 green, 2 orange and 1 red. I never get the whole 6 to light up other than on boot for one second.
  7. As sure as it can be, like James already pointed out, that PSU has plenty of power unless you go with double or triple video cards . Just be careful with the voltages you put on the components, don't go much higher than 1.4v on the CPU. Gigabyte recovers nicely from bad BIOS setting so not much can go wrong, just take it step by step. Now! Tweak that baby .* * Always on your own risk, we at Lunarsoft don't want to be hold responsible.
  8. With a better cooler it can hit 4 GHz without problems, just give it more voltage . But, A E5200 CPU works great at 3GHz without setting voltages higher. The "Auto" settings on the motherboard are working as they should unlike older motherboard where "Auto" were more "Default" settings. Good you like the setup . @ James_A, Just pick any brand these days and you will find that there are just a few brands of chips, but they do pick them by timings and speed at for example Mushkin. I would just keep it normal and look for a nice deal, anything that doesn't need over 2.1volts and does
  9. Call ACER for a replacement as the use the same PSUs for more models. There are universal ones sold for about 25 Pounds. Also I found this as an option, PSA Power 90W AC Adpater. Just check if it's the same connector, the older laptops use in general 90W PSUs and deliver 18-20 volts.
  10. The HD4830 will pull that game on max. without AA, you could consider it's bigger brother; the HD 4850 with 512MB. If possible, use Vista 64bits so you can get the best out of your hardware .
  11. Tarun forgot to say that he has a gateway computer with a BTX board as well, and a not to easy on the components 915 Intel chipset. Also I had to make sure that the video card wasn't too long and that the 12cm fan from the PSU pointed down. He got some nice deals on those parts and it was the best he could do with that machine. Now, we are talking about a video card, but for what purpose are you going to use one? What screen will be hooked up?
  12. Well, the reason why I picked the PATA drive; the board still has one PATA port plus you would free up a SATA port for future use. nVidia is just pushing to hard with their products to keep up with ATI, not only with their motherboard chipsets but also with their video cards, a good example is their renaming stratigy of older products. Sure they go to a lower production process (eg. from 65 to 55m) but that's still no reason in my eyes to rename a hip completely. Don't get me wrong, they made perfect chipsets over the years and their first nForce and TNT chipset are still in my mind and
  13. Welcome Ophan to the forum, Let's redo that list completely shall we? This is going to sound a bit negative but I will give you a better advice on what is Hot and what is Not; you got it, your system is "Not" so here's why: For an INTEL based system use an INTEL chipset, there were rumors that nVidia was going to leave the chipset market for other CPU makers, like VIA did some time ago, so for that reason I would stay away from nVidia. Also nVidia fights against ATI and they hardly can keep up, it's like Intel staying ahead of AMD as well. The case looks good but I can tell you tha
  14. More a coil resonating, But I see MikeOMG didn´t reply on your posts so I could be late...
  15. Yes you are right, a video card like the 48x0 ot G2x0 is more complex indeed than a motherboard with the CPU and RAM together.
  16. I hope you are not going to say to get windows 98 and a video card that only needs a driver of 1MB (so it could fit on floppy) . The reason why the drivers are so big to download is that they support mostly the WHOLE video card line of a company, not all that comes with that package will be installed. Remember that a video card isn´t just a simple device; it has the "same power" as a complete computer IF not more, so it´s not strange that they consume as much as a GPU, Motherboard and RAM . So, you can imagine that you need a complete software package to get these monsters run
  17. Hello Jay, welcome to the forums. I see you did some home work there but I fail to understand why you go with nVidia. The system is for sure going to run Vista 64bit so let´s stay away from nVidia. Why? They still can´t make their drivers stable enough, so you will not be pleased, especialy when you are going to pay that much cash for the new rig. Like Eldmannen pointed out, a P45 with Crossfire, and yes ATI cards, would be a better option. Intel and nVidia is just war! So would you expect from ATI as they are part o AMD, but it´s not. The Intel chipset, P45, as you kno
  18. Ow thank you Tarun. I'm working as always (how about that!), but I had some friend coming by and I'm feeling happy with all the attention I get .
  19. I use a BenQ M300, who needs more, it´s just a phone...
  20. So it was in your profile Cluberti, Finally I know your real age! :sneaky: Happy Birthday dude, and I see you have the day off! EDIT: I forgot the flowers...
  21. puntoMX

    new computer

    Ask me and I´ll tell you . Vista 64bit whoops XP hard by the way; I would try it if you have the change.
  22. puntoMX

    new computer

    Holy crap Eldmannen, you sure must hate other people that feel happy with their new toys. To resume your post: What about if he uses to render stuff in 3D, what if he doesn´t touch the latest games, what about if he doesn´t know how to build one? :wave:
  23. Happy Birthday, a big kiss for you !
  24. Well, you can even cut your self with a peace of paper if you know what I mean. I don’t now how they did it, but I have seen clumsy people putting on those coolers and they never shopped of a hand, leg or other body parts .
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