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  1. perfect! thanks a ton for your help! Ran into a little snag where the Cisco router reserved the for some reason also, but after poking around it told me, so the linksys just had to go with Everything is running smooth as butter, couldnt have done it without you! corjello
  2. Ok, thank god this place still exists, long time no see everyone! My temper is on its last leg, so im just going to lay out my problem, and hope for the best. I currently have two wireless routers, a Cisco WRVS4400N and a Linksys WRT320N. Currently, the WRVS4400N is hooked up to my modem and broadcasting in one part of my house on a mixed G/N on channel 11. On the complete other side of the house, I have the WRT320N set up, and an ethernet cord runs from one router to the other. Please, dear god, can someone give me a bulletproof way to extend my wireless network, so that laptops can seamlessly jump from router to router and only have one SSID broadcasting. From what i know already is that i need to disable the DHCP on the WRT320N, and somhow tell that to forward all DHCP requests to the WRS4400N. I have NO clue how to do that, and know there has to be other options i need to disable/enable. They should both broadcast the same SSID, with the same password. And be on different channels, 11 and 1 right? Honestly, it might just be easier for someone to ignore all my questions and just start me from scratch and hold my hand the whole way. Thanks a ton! corjello
  3. Hey can anyone here point me in the direction of a decent ssh guide? ive got an old desktop that's pretty nice that just isnt used anymore and want to set it up as a fileserver/ftp server but i want security on it so im going with ssh. I've found this but it seems that when you want to access it, its done all by command line. I really want a slick GUI to access it, anyone have any suggestions? )corjello(
  4. well, thanks for the advice. Right when I posted this thread, i found this website which is the exact converter i have. According to their directions, I need to hook up both power sources because the converter needs power to work. All i have running on the old HDD is a Ubuntu distro, so no important files are located there at the moment. I guess I'll just monitor my heat levels and make sure everything stays normal. If you feel like they are misleading me, then by all means please explain. )corjello(
  5. Back from the grave for some hardware help On my current dimension 8400, i have SATA cables for hard drives. I have an old ATA/IDE hard drive that I want to hook up. I bought a converter to go from ata to sata but i ran into a problem. when i plug the converter in, i have three ports available. One is the new SATA ribbon plug in, which I hooked up, but the other two are the new SATA power source and the old ATA power source (the converter doesn't cover this or plug into it). Do i need to plug in the converter's power AND the ATA HDD's power or just one, and if just one, which one? Thanks for the help. So, basically two or one? and which one? )corjello(
  6. i have Sonic Record Now 7.3 on my computer. Came bundled from dell. I think it should work right? i need to burn both on dvds seperatly right? )corjello(
  7. How exactly do i go about burning a .bin or .cue onto a dvd or cd? I really have no idea as I've never done this before (I've attempted an iso but never really completed it) the .bin is 427660 KBs and the .cue is 1KB any help would be appreciated )corjello( ps, Tarun, I like the new look, i haven't been around in a while and i am pleasantly surprised
  8. corjello


    you cant get everything eldmannen and yes its sick, but i have 12 gigs of music! )corjello(
  9. 1. new ipod, got money for christmas and i believe that a new one will be released during the macworld expo. 2. have fun and look forward to winter break and spring break! )corjello(
  10. yea, but thats bittorrent... of course its going to be fast. you cant logically compare a torrent to a normal single server download. It just doesnt work like that. )corjello(
  11. whoa, dude. HAHHAHA I remember you from ccleaner forums. long time no see. this brings back memories. nice to see you around, condensing the forums wouldnt be a bad idea. especially if there was a required dropdown box of what OS it was about. )corjello(
  12. check this out. this is how much my internet sucks at my school. i had to attatch it b/c imageshack wasnt coming up. what a surprise. the whole server is blocked by an esafe firewall, so i figured id downlaod portable ff and use a foxyproxy, but it would have taken hours any suggestions? )corjello( Slowassdownloadmhsserver.bmp
  13. lol, that brought a smile to my face. Ok so um, i dont find my downloads slow at all, the most i ever have to wait is when i download hires versions of halo2 montages, and thats like 10 minutes. there cant be that huge of an advantage of having 2 or 3 times my download score can there? maybee in like 5 years, but right now, whats the use? )corjello(
  14. heres mine my download is s***ty compared to yours. whats the deal? )corjello(
  15. so... your car is worth 100 dollars? i doubt it... the annoying mathematician to the rescue )corjello(
  16. corjello


    who in their sane mind would spend $500 for a system? Not to mention, you have to fork up another 100 to even get HD quality. Talk about a rip. And the fact that the 360 will always have better graphics for cross platform titles. If your going to throw the cell processor in my face, dont even try, because numbers dont mean anything. )corjello(
  17. corjello


    no, not at the moment. i plan on buying a tactical shooter sometime, but im not sure what kind i want as of right now. Honestly, if youve seen gears of war in hd, its amazing (best graphics i have ever witnessed in real life), but spending twice as much to get it, with my own money (im 16) just doesnt work for me. I am very happy with the wii's graphics and its sweet controls. They are selling as a revolution of control, not an upgrade on graphics. The only things i believe i will miss are gears of war and halo 3, but both will be available at my friends houses, so whats the point of me spending the money? )corjello(
  18. corjello


    i got a wii, and its amazing. ive had it for like 4 days, and have been playing Zelda nonstop. Its awsome. Has anyone else thought about getting one? Its cheap compared to the other systems out right now. )corjello(
  19. this sounds exactly what i wanted. thanks a ton! )corjello(
  20. will this solution be able to drag files from his computer to my computer and viceversa? edit-wow, never mind.... )corjello(
  21. Are there any well known programs out there that allow a person to create a virtual network, or some efficient way of sharing files easily over a pair of computers that aren't in the same house? My brother attends ohio state, and i live in georgia, so I was wondering if there is an easy solution for us to easily share files between our computers. )corjello(
  22. Well, when i watched it, i kept waiting for something to happen, and then i scrolled down and saw the timer saying i was wasting my time and i thought it was funny. )corjello(
  23. Funny first! http://www.leekspin.com/ watch it, and listen... see how long it takes you to figure it out.... Serious Second. http://theunfunnytruth.ytmnd.com/ I saw this a while ago, but just now decided to post it; Tom Cruise is one weird guy If still interested, check out these two links http://theunfunnysequel.ytmnd.com/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLZJBdvqAv8 ^^^This one is very odd.... )corjello(
  24. ok, i know that this sounds completely stupid and dumb; but if you havent tried it already, youll be wondering why you havent. first, make sure on your playback control (Start>control panel>sounds and audio devices>volume tab>advanced) that the balance is centered for all the options. then, try the volume tab again and the speaker volume button, and make sure both sliders are at max. if both of those don't work, i suggest trying out the problem in diffrent programs, just to make sure its a hardware problem and not software. try like WMP, iTunes, Foobar and then you should be able to deduce the program causing the problem or find out you really do need a new sound card. )corjello(
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