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  1. I managed to snag the last one in my area. 10" touch screen, 1.2 Ghz processor, 1 Gig system memory, 32 Gig storage memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. They came on the market on July 1, for $499. Nobody bought them because they only had 300 apps and the IPad2 was the same price, with 9,000 available apps. On August 20, HP told the vendors to drop the price to $99 for the 16 Gig model and $149 for the 32 Gig. For a buck fitty........I don't give a rat's butt how many apps are available.
  2. I was wanting to upgrade the graphics on my 3+ year-old computer, that was running a GeForce 8400 card with 256 Mb of memory. My problem was I didn't want to replace my 350 watt power supply AND the graphics card. I got a good deal on a Galaxy 210 with 512 Mb memory, $18+ after rebate, but it really didn't make a big improvement in the graphics. Then I found the Zotac GeForce 440 GT with 1 Gig of GDDR5 memory. Tigerdirect has them for $90 and a $20 rebate. The real winner is, this card will run with a power supply of just 300 watts. It takes up 2 slots so I moved my sound card down a slot, to give more air space between the two. Card installed without a hitch and runs 10 degrees C cooler than the 210. Fallout: New Vegas detected the card and reset all the graphics settings to HIGH. I'm well pleased with it. Zotac at Tigerdirect
  3. Racerender was developed to edit videos of auto races. It allows you to edit several different videos together, on to one video. The synchronization tool let's you adjust the videos in increments as short as 1/100th of a second. You can download a free version that doesn't have all the features of the full version, which currently going for $14.99 US. Racerender
  4. Sniper

    new camcorder

    Got a nice little pocket camcorder from WalMart.com. They had a combo deal, AGFAPHOTO DV-5000HD with a SanDisk 4GB SDHC card, for $100. The camera shots video up to 1280x720 pix and 5MP stills and 3x digital zoom. The 4GB card will hold 1hr & 25 mins. of video or 1837 5MB pics. Not much as camcorders go, now-a-days, but it's small enough to stick in your pocket and cheap enough to toss in the truck. Still, the video is quite clear. On the youtube video, click on the "HD" button to see high def version. HD video
  5. A Ruger .22cal. Charger that I got at the gun show.
  6. Sniper

    new laptop

    Picked up a HP G60-121 at Wally Worlds black friday sale. Nothing super-duper but it's faster than I thought it would be and it was just $448. Hooked up a Linksys wireless router to my DSL and was good to go. BTW......I actually had to pay for this one. Microprocessor 2.0 GHz AMD Sempron SI-40 Processor Memory 3072 MB Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8200M Hard Drive 160 GB (5400 rpm) Multimedia Drive SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW with Double Layer Support Display 15.6" Diagonal High Definition HP Brightview Display (1366x768) Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g WLAN * 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture cards * 3 Universal Serial Bus USB 2.0 * 1 VGA (15-pin) * 1 HDMI * 1 RJ-11 (modem) * 1 RJ -45 (LAN) * 1 headphone-out * 1 microphone-in Dimensions 14.88" (L) x 9.9" (D) x 1.38" (min H)/1.61" (max H) Weight 6.06 Ibs Power * 65 W AC Adapter * 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) OS: Vista Home Premium 32 bit
  7. My new one. The pic is one I took at the Mississippi River, on Saturday.
  8. Found this little fella on my back porch railing, last month.
  9. "Postal" the movie is now out on DVD or you can watch it on-line at this site: http://www.watch-movies.net/movies/postal/ WARNING: This movie may be offensive to the following: children, the elderly, Christians, Jews, Muslims, cult members, PETA members, the obese, little people, blacks, Chinese, Germans, and just about anybody that has a pulse. But......a movie can't be all bad....if they use a cat as a pistol silencer.
  10. Sniper

    trueSpace 7.6

    Back in February, Microsoft bought Caligari Corporation, the makers of the trueSpace 3D modeling software. They now have trueSpace 7.6 ready for release and it's free. You can download the software, instruction manual, and tutorial videos from their website. Registration required. http://caligari.com/
  11. It's gonna set in my savings account for a year. After that, I figure all bets are off. If they want it, all they gotta do is tell me where to send it.
  12. It was HP. Kinda makes me wish I had ordered one of their $7,000 Voodoo-based Blackbirds.
  13. I posted this on another forum and just copied it here, so I wouldn't have to type it over. OK, so I want to order a new computer from the factory, a really good one. I call the factory’s on-line store and place the order with my debit card. The order bounces about 3 times for stupid stuff, like the last number of the zip in my billing address doesn’t match what the bank has. After several calls to a very nice young lady in their “Sales Recovery” department, the order gets accepted. Get a confirmation e-mail notifying me of this fact and it list the specs of the computer I ordered, which are wrong. The order had been through several hands and someone forgot to change the OS from the default choice to the one I wanted. Great. It’s 8:00 PM and the girl I’ve been dealing with has gone home so I call customer service. They tell me that an order can’t be changed after it goes to the factory but they can cancel it. Fine…..cancel it and I’ll reorder in the morning. The next day, I call the girl in “Sales Recovery” and tell her what happened. She admits to being the culprit and apologizes for the mistake. She places a new order and thanks me for being so patient. I get the e-mail confirmation that night and everything looks right. The seller gets a preauthorization from my bank for the amount of the purchase. The seller finalizes the transaction and the banks transfers the funds. Badda bing…badda boom….I get my new computer in 5 days, as ordered. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all is right in the world. Three weeks later, ……….oh crap. It seems that when I canceled the order for the computer that had the wrong OS, the seller had gotten the preauthorization for the charge but hadn’t completed the transaction. It’s the end of the month and I guess somebody at the factory was going over the sales for that month and found the preauthorization, so they completed it, with out checking the status of the order, which was CANCELED. I check my bank account the next day, prior to depositing my pay check, and I find that I’m overdrawn, big time. It takes less than a minute to find out that I’ve been charged for my computer, again. I call “Sale Recovery” and the girl goes nuts, she can’t believe that someone had done this. We go in circles for about a week and she finally takes the matter up with the finance committee, in person. She gets them to push it to the top of their list. The next day, I get the full amount credited back to my bank account, plus an extra $100 to cover overdraft my fees, which only amounted to $42. OK…..that’s it……were done……yeah, right. A week later, I check my bank account and now it’s showing way more money than it should. I check further and you guessed it, they credited my account, again, for the full price of the computer. This is starting to look like The Marx Brothers meet The Keystone Cops. I call “SR” and tell the girl about it, she’s laughing almost as hard as I am, and says she’ll see what she can do. After a week with no response, I call again and says she’ll see what the hang-up is. A few days later, I get an e-mail from her saying that she turned it over to a supervisor in the finance department, who’ll be contacting me. I give it a month and send her a e-mail saying that I haven’t heard from the supervisor. She responds saying that HER supervisor said that it looked like they can’t take the money back after they gave it to me. Well…..Wild Turkey Federation. She says for me to e-mail the supervisor, in finance, and tell her that if I didn’t hear something soon that I was going to assume that they have given me a free computer. I sent her an e-mail 3 weeks ago and have heard nada, zip, bumpkus. What the hell am I gonna do with $1,200?
  14. Sniper

    new computer

    Yep, it's 64-bit. This one should last me a while. As games improve, there'll be more showing up that take full advantage of the quad core processors. In a couple of years, I'll probably upgrade the graphics to something that hasn't even been designed yet. May even and a heavy-duty CPU cooler and overclock to around 3.6 - 4 Gb.
  15. Sniper

    new computer

    Duo, my azz. This baby's got a Quad processor. There's 4 of them little beggars. Don't ask me why Intel calls it a Core 2. The first time I opened Firefox, I was gonna count to myself to see how long it took to open, " One thousan...shat, it's open." LOL
  16. Sniper

    new computer

    Hey All, Haven't been around for a while, been busy. Got me a new computer, the other day and been exploring Vista. Didn't take me long to disable the UAC. LOL I had maxed out my old computer. The new one still has room for upgrades, when I need them. Here's the specs on my new toy. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66 Gig processor 16X Lightscribe DVD combo drive Vista Home Premium 64-bit NVIDIA GeForce 8400 graphics card Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Audio sound card 750Gb hard drive 6 Gig of DDR2 PC2 6400 memory
  17. A lonely widow, aged 70, decided that is was time to get married again. So she put an ad in the local newspaper that read: HUSBAND WANTED: MUST BE IN MY AGE GROUP (70's), MUST NOT BEAT ME, MUST NOT RUN AROUND ON ME, AND MUST STILL BE GOOD IN BED! ALL APPLICANTS PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON. Two days later the doorbell rang. She opened the door, and much to her dismay, there sat a gray-haired gentleman in a wheel chair. He had no arms or legs. "Are you responding to my ad?" the woman asked. "You're not really asking me to consider you, are you?" "Yes, I am," the man replied. The old lady sneered: "Just look at you. You have no legs!" The old gentleman smiled and said: "Therefore, I cannot run around on you!" "You don't have any arms, either!" she snorted. Again, the old man smiled, and softly replied: "Therefore, I can never beat you!" She raised an eyebrow and asked intently: "Are you still good in bed?" The old man leaned back, beamed a big smile and said, "I rang the doorbell, didn't I?" The wedding is set for Saturday.
  18. Here's a cute little ditty that's been playing on the radio around here. http://www.badongo.com/file/2846111
  19. Indeed. I agree with you. People shouldn't mess with others. People should not invade on other peoples safety. If people try to take your life, then I think that it is fair to shoot them. They should know better. I totally concur with this even though we have very strict gun laws here. If someone threatens me or my family I'm going to do my best to stop them with whatever is at hand and I'll deal with the consequences after. Cheers Yep. My Dad always said, "It's better to tried by twelve, than carried by six."
  20. Yeah, that one looks very nice too. Think the Walther P99 looks slightly nicer though... I'm going out on a limb here in assuming you know nothing about guns...... It looks nice?????? Have you ever fired a weapon and if you did was it because it LOOKED NICE?. Please get a clue and have a reality check. Any weapons effectiveness is NOT improved by its appearance!!! Thought I'd point that out in case you weren't aware. Yes I am qualified to talk about weapons, 20 years ex-Army and Gunnery Instructor to boot! Have a nice day. You're right about that I don't know much about guns, and that I have never fired a real weapon. Yes, I think it does look nice. I am aware that the firepower or effectiveness isn't increased because "it looks nice". Different people like guns for different reasons, some like collect the old classic WW2 guns, some like the latest high-tech guns, some like the stylish guns, and some like the guns with firepower. Some like just to look at them, while others like to take them to a ranch and fire them. If I wanted firepower, then there is the pump-action shotgun, the Desert Eagle or the Magnum 357. I don't think you need all that firepower, if you shoot someone, they will panic as soon as they notice, when they see blood, they will scream like little girls. I never fired a gun, I don't own a gun, and I don't really long to own or fire one. I am not a "gun geek" or a "gun nut". I think some guns like the Walther P99 looks nice. I wouldn't want to shoot anyone, hurting is bad. I don't like the idea of shooting another human being. But I do like breathing. So, if it comes down to me not breathing or me shooting somebody.....well, you get the picture.
  21. It's a Ruger Mod. P345 .45ACP. Yep, carry it every day, except for Gov. buildings, Post Office, schools, parks, and places that sell beer & booze by the drink. I have a Tennessee carry permit that is recognized by 31 other states.
  22. Yeah, the Desert Eagle is a classic! The problem with the Desert Eagle is size. It weighs twice as much as my .45 and is 3" longer. Carrying that monster around would be a pain. This is what I carry.
  23. So......you think YOUR job sucks?
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