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  1. Thanks for the welcome Tarun, I'm sure I'll learn lots from you young people. Wanda
  2. Thanks for the nice welcome, I'm sure I will enjoy this Forum.. Wanda
  3. Hello... I joined the forum today, no only am I new to the forum, but just learned about Dial-a-Fix a few days ago and it saved the day for me. Had been working for days trying to fix a mess I created and found the link to Dial-a-Fix on another forum. What I know about this crazy machine I have leaned by trial and error, so if any of my questions aren't written with the correct computer lingo, please bear with me. Have been using a computer since 1998 and continue to learn more each and every day, but sometimes I forget what I've learned and have to ask for help. I'm a almost 76 ye
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