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  1. Looking for some help with an issue I'm having. This motherboard has -always- caused me issues through rebooting at the worst times and such. I've got two-sticks of 512 RAM in the motherboard right now, and I believe one of them to be faulty that or I've made a mistake in my setup. For the longest time the PC would restart, but I removed the one stick of RAM so that I was running only 512 total. It did -not- restart on me once but obviously I'm a gamer, and 512 just wasn't cutting it for me so I got tired of it and placed the RAM back in. Now I have the issue again. The motherboard has 4 memory ports, is there a certain order I must put them in? Any help would be appreciated. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=314738
  2. I haven't seen the movie, but I know that part of it or apparently quite a bit of it was filmed in my city. Hamilton, Ontario. Makes me think really. =\ When it gets foggy, and its late at night here. The city is big enough to look like it could be greatly populated, but there's nobody on the streets. It suits the "silent hill" theme.
  3. I personally think that if a government wants to intervein on the naming of children in some circumstances it is good, but you don't want a government impeading on free speech. Naming your child "Metallica" isn't humane. I'm a fan of the band too, but I still wouldn't name my kid after them. Government's should always protect children in the cases of extreme behavior from parents that's why there's child services and we don't let children stay in abusive homes, theoretically. =]
  4. Yes, anyways. I'm a friend of Taruns. I run a "clan/community" called the MFFR at themffr.com and yeah, some of you may also know me from SPiN as "prince_Gohan" yeah, thats me. Have a nice day.
  5. Counter-Strike is probably the most addictive game a person can play. I just thought I'd make my first post on these forums to show respect to Josh for his help at the MFFR Community. I'm not going to hamble on about CS so, I was wondering what other Lunarsoft members thought on the matter.
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