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  1. Ha, yeah. That card should do it though. I might overclock it alittle on the memory core seed some. I might be able to get it too 430MHZ but I don't know yet. I'd have to play Dawn Of War abit and SEE how hot or.. how warm this card gets when playing for an hour.

  2. Would my current card run any better with my new MoBo? Would the FPS even increase by going 8x?

    Ok, so buying the RAM I provided would be the best choice for me huh? Ehh... ok I'll give it a shot and see what comes out in performance. I do some testing and see what my results are.

  3. Tarun: Could you explain how 4x AGP and 8x AGP are different. How will RAM and my current card going 8x change or.. Improve anything? When I play FABLE my card freezes up but that could be caused by my MoBo.

  4. Hi, here is my current system...

    MoBo: K7T266 Pro2

    Video: A9200SE/T

    RAM: 512MB - 1 stick of 256MB [PC2700] - 1 stick 256MB [PC2100]

    HDD: 1 30.2GB Main - 1 80GB Storage

    Links to upgrade...

    MoBo: ECS KM400-M2 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

    Video or RAM: Rosewill 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM - SAPPHIRE Radeon 9600PRO 128MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X

    Ok, I need to know which to get. Should I keep my current card and get the RAM or... get the new card and keep RAM. Cause... I play games and I need to know this. I don't want to waste my money and waste it on getting the wrong thing. I think the new card would be a better choice cause I'll have 512MB of RAM and the new MoBo will take both of the sticks. my CPU is an AMD Athlon Xp 2000+ but it's much better then that and faster. I believe it's a 2400+. Anyways, What should I do?

    Would the 8x AGP have any effect on my games at all?

    Ex. of games are [FABLE] and [DAWN OF WAR] + CSS

  5. When I downloaded it last, it ask about buying it or... something. "Can't remember that well" But anyways I'm glad its free but I need the link. I'm willing to give it a spin again.

    I did some testing early last week and I didn't do to good on a firewall test. It best rate was 5 of 5 and I got 0! I need a good Firewall that is free and I know some but which one is the best?

    I did the test out from the Avast Forums Here. Ok, i'll give it a shot

  6. I just think wiht something like http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html and a decent antivirus and firewall like Tarun said you're fine.


    We all think that. Just some of us get tired using the program for a certain amount of time. I for one, like too test out other programs. but normally I do keep the ones I've been known of which is Lavasoft , Spybot , Spyware blaster and Avast. I don't use any type of App. firewall. Only use Win. Xp Sp2 firewall and the firewall Router.
  7. When you get a new video card , it will tell you what Powr supply you will need to run the VC.....Also , make sure you get the right interface.....AGP...PCI EXPRESS..or God forbid, PCI SLOT....


    My power supply is 300W! My AGP is 4X
  8. How many memory slots are available ?

    Make sure you check your Power supply Wattage.(350W or more).

    I would expand your memory to a least 1 GB Ram , even if you have to take out your existing Ram boards and put in new ..Also make sure you get 2 DIMM cards that are 512MB the same. Looks like your system may only take 1GB or maybe 2GB Ram...BE SURE.... :cuddle:


    My board can take 3GB my friend. I'm just adding a 256MB stick and that will only add 768MB of RAM. but my video card need replaced badly
  9. will the final fersion be freeware?


    At this point we're not sure but we will try are very best to keep it like we want it. But doo to the company being kinda small who knows. (note: I'm not apart of the company. I'm just a very helpful member for the team) :cuddle: Just letting you people know :hug:
  10. ok, here my Motherboard - K7T266 Pro2

    I have two sticks of 256MB (PC2100). One in right slot and the other in the left slot. My brother is getting 1GB (PC3200) and is willing to give me a stick of 256MB (PC2100). I'm going to put that stick in the middle slot. I'm wondering will this give any system performance Improvement. My CPU is an AMD Athlon Xp 2000+ 1.667GHZ.

    My graphics card is an - ASUS ATI 9200SE 64-Bit 4X AGP enabled. Max support for board is only 4X anyways. I play Halo for PC and it hangs while exiting a server or exiting the game. could it be my Video card? Since it's ONLY 64-BIT and yes of course we all gamers and computer people recommend 128-BIT but I need to know cause I'm planning on getting a ATI 9800Pro but I need to know will my Board be able to keep up with the high-In card.

    (I also play Dawn Of War and it runs well on my card but it shuts off doo to heat)

  11. I had the Shield, but I wouldn't touch the antispyware program, everyone says it has false positives.


    It's still in Beta after all people. I have it on here for testing and YES! It does scan fast around the areas and may not feel safe. I totally understand what you guys mean by that. But don't worry. Once the final comes then you'll see it's Improvement hopefully but don't count on it just yet.

    We have a few more programs on the way. I'm not sure what they are but I'm willing to at least test them out.

    (Arovax Shield is still good) :cuddle:

  12. Arovax Shield™ is a real time monitor which goes beyond what other security suites offer by adding another layer of protection to your system proactively. It runs silently in the background, watching for Malware/parasites that try to install on or modify your system.

    Arovax Shield™ is a completely free product by Arovax Company - a privately held company located in Oregon, USA. Founded in 2001 and consistently climbing its way towards the summit of security technology since, Arovax Company is currently heralded as a globally leading Internet security software provider. Here you can download a fully functional copy of the software and use it for free for unlimited time.

    Arovax shield 1.2.314

    Arovax Community Forums

  13. I did update it. I scaned and it found nothing. I knew it would not though. As I kinda reformatted awhile ago. But I'm about to try some other stuff here. Have you heard of Stardock CursorXp? I'm wondering if its free and not a 15 day or.. whatever thing. I know a site where to download and apply the Cursor's. All stardock does I believe is Install a tab toward the Pointer options and has CursorXp added in there. I used it before and I think it had a sign of Spyware but I just want to make sure on this as I wanna use a different Cursor Theme. I use the Pointer "Raindrop" that was added by Windows Xp. it's nice and all but I love the ones on the site I provided. Please give Info. on rather or not its free and has no trace of spyware :lmao:

    I'm looking forward in using it. but I'm very sure all of you guys have tried WindowsBuilds. I did but I didn't like it as it used a good bit of memory. I use the UxTheme Zip file. Cheers :lol:

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