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  1. I've not considered a Gmail account recently, although I actually have a Gmail address. Didn't particularly like it several years ago. May have changed since then, so might look into it later. But frankly everything I've tried over the last 5 years pales when compared to the flexibility and control one gets with Windows Live Mail. 

  2. It's not "they" who have IMAP working that way. . . it's the way IMAP works by default. Here's a copy of how IMAP works from a website I found:

    The main advantage of IMAP over POP3 is the ability to keep the original e-mail stored on the mail server and the ability to access the same account from multiple locations. Unlike POP3 where e-mail is downloaded to the computer or device checking for mail and completely removed from the mail server, IMAP simply downloads a copy of the e-mail.

    This statement hides one aspect if IMAP and is COMPLETELY wrong about POP3. The fact that IMAP accounts allow access to ALL the emails on the server becomes a problem if your ISP does not provide a convenient way to quickly select and delete blocks of emails. Comcast's webmail is one that provides no way to do that, and also provides no option to delete emails older than X days. If you don't make any deletions there, you CANNOT delete them from your email client. If you do and are using an IMAP account, they will simply re-download.  

    Contrary to what this article says, emails downloaded to my email client are not. . .NOT. . . removed from the mail server. The only way they get removed from the server is if I delete them from Windows Live Mail AND utilized the option in WLM  to delete emails on the server when deleted from the WLM. If you don't use that option, ALL THE EMAILS DOWNLOADED TO THE EMAIL CLIENT REMAIN ON THE SERVER.

    I often see jokes on TV re "I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true." This is a perfect example of why what you read in the web ain't necessarily so. 

  3. Although I wasn't sure what would happen to my emails if I went to IMAP, I set up an IMAP account anyhow. It immediately downloaded all the emails on the Comcast server. . . which was NOT nice! A major reason I don't use Comcast's web mail (i.e., doing email directly from their server) is that they provide no way to delete large blocks of emails. You have to check the checkbox on each email you want to delete (or check the "check-all" checkbox and UNdelete all the ones you want to keep). With an email client, you can mark a block of emails the same way you mark blocks of text in Windows: Shift/click, then hit the Delete key. Anyway, to my horror, the IMAP account downloaded ALL the emails in my account on Comcast's server. . . which went back to 2014! I tried to delete all but the last 3 months (which has been my habit for the last 25 years), and to my shagrin, the IMAP account DOWNLOADED THEM AGAIN. A search of Comcast's instructions on IMAP account clearly says that EMAILS DELETED FROM YOUR EMAIL CLIENT WILL NOT BE DELETED FROM THE SERVER and there is no setting to counter this property. This is TOTALLY different than POP3 which provides a setting that deletes emails on the server whenI deleted in the client. So. . . I removed the IMAP account, reinstalled my old POP3 account, and deleted all but the last 3 months of emails.

    As for T-Bird. I tried that off and on for a year. Never liked it, so finally uninstalled it about 5 months ago. Except for the occasional double email downloads, I'm really very happy with WLM.

  4. Not only does Comcast offer IMAP, they encourage you to use it vs. POP. They even give you step-by-step instructions for setting up an IMAP account for Windows Live Mail 2011 (I have WLM 2012, but assume there's little difference between 2011 and 2012). What they DON'T say is what impact this will have on the emails already downloaded or those on their server. I note that the incoming and outgoing ports are different than for POP, so will CHANGING AN EXISTING ACCOUNT FROM POP TO IMAP WIPE OUT EVERYTHING, or will it have no affect on emails/access to emails already received?

  5. The email client on my laptop is Windows Live 2012. My ISP is Comcast. Quite often, emails download from the Comcast server TWICE. I.e., I get a long litany of duplicate emails.


  6. I've used Auslogics Disk Defrag (ADD) for several years. I was initially attracted to it because of its speed vs. Windows Pass 1, Pass 2, Pass 3, . . . ad infinitum. . . takes forever. However, ADD's behavior concerns me/makes me think it might be at least partially a scam. Here are the reasons I think it might be:

    • First run: ADD finds and deletes (example) 13,000 temp files and finds 300 fragmented files, which it defrags.
    • IMMEDIATELY after that run, I run it again. It finds and deletes 400 temp files and defrags 37 fragmented files. Mind you, this is after I HAVE DONE NOTHING ON THE COMPUTER following the ADD run!!!
    • I can repeat this multiple times, and it always finds a few temp files and some fragmented files.
    • If I select "Defrag & Optimize", same scenario. Go back IMMEDIATELY AFTER RUNNING IT and it finds fragmented and non-optimized files.
    • If I then use the computer to visit a few websites and look at my emails, then run ADD, it again finds 12,000+ temp files and a huge number of fragmented files.

    Doesn't make sense. Can anyone explain this?


  7. My laptop OS is Win 10. When I run Auslogics Disk Defrag, it spends the vast majority of its run time scanning files in subfolders under C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\. . . A check of the files blows ones mind. I didn't count the files, but my guess is that there are easily 10,000, maybe more. A lot of them are listed as "manifest" files. And they're apparently compressed (right-clicking does NOT give you the usual "Properties" or "Delete", only "Extract" or "Copy"). I have never seen anything like this in earlier versions of Windows. What are they? Can I delete them (the newest of them are at least a month old)?

    The reason I'm asking is because the laptop, which originally came with Win 7, is EXTREMELY slow with Win 10. . . so I'm looking for ways to enhance its performance.

  8. Tarun: Sorry about the long delay in replying, but I did not get an email notification that my post had been responded to. I assume they would be automatic, but now see that you have to check "Notify me of replies". . . which I've now done.

    I eventually solved the problem by (a) uninstalling the AC97 driver in Device Mgr., then doing a "backup" thru Windows to the previous driver. After doing that, sound works again.

    Thanks for the quick reponse.

  9. Wife has a VERY old (2003) Compaq Presario laptop running Win XP! Today the sound stopped working and the default volume icon in the notifications area disappeared, despite being set to "Always display". Device Manager shows the dreaded '!' in a  round yellow sign indicating that it's not working. It uses the Realtek AC97 driver, so I tried (a) downloading/installing the AC97 driver; (b) uninstalling the Device Manager entry and  downloading and installing the driver again. Neither worked; Device Mgr. still shows it as not working.

    My reaction to this is that the sound card is dead. Before I declare it as such, does anyone have any suggestions for things to try to revive it?


  10. I feel like an idiot! I apologize for adding a junk thread to this forum. There is NOTHING wrong with my touchpad. I rarely use the touchpad/have a small mouse that I use 99% of the time. I was accustomed to older touchpads where you ran your finger from top to bottom of the touchpad to get what was on screen to do the same (i.e., scroll down). Since the advent of touch screens, Synaptics has reversed the direction; i.e., you move your finger from bottom to top to move the material on screen up (which is actually scrolling DOWN).



  11. Have a Toshiba Satellite (P755). OS is Win 10. Synaptics touchpad works for moving pointer around, and left and right buttons work, but scrolling doesn't. Settings have multi-finger scrolling enabled. Have tried unchecking multi-finger AND single-finger (in the border areas) scrolling, then re-enabling both. Does not fix the problem. Any suggestions? 

  12. Helping a friend try to make an Acer Aspire M1610 desktop (ca. late 2007) work. OS is 32-bit Vista. The computer belonged to an older gentleman who rarely used it and never updated it, so I started by cleaning out the garbage with CCleaner, then updating Vista thru SP2. During the update processes, it crashed 3-4 time (BSOD). Last thing I installed on it was Google Earth, which crashed it if you attempted to drag the border of the GE window out to make it larger, and sometimes just when GE loaded.

    The computer came with the minimum 1GB RAM required to run Vista, and it was VERY slow doing everything, so I suggested replacing one of the 512MB memory DIMMs with a 2GB DIMM, which we did, so we now had 2.5GB of RAM. Some things, especially the bootup, went much faster thereafter, but it was still a slug otherwise.

    So, took the drastic step of a destructive recovery using the disks Acer provides. . . and during that process, it also crashed a couple of times. After the recovery, started to download/install the updates. Crashes started again.

    Thinking that maybe one of the original 512MB DIMMs might be bad and (of course) it was the one we left in. So swapped it for the one we had pulled. Made no difference, so the memory is not what causing the problem. Checked to make sure all cables were not loose, ran Speccy to check the CPU's temperature (usually 33-35 degrees C) and the drive's temp (44 degrees C), so crashes aren't due to overheating. Software originally came with Norton Internet Security, which can cause problems, so early on, I installed the Norton Uninstaller, removed NIS and replaced it with Avast, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. Scans revealed 0 infections of any kind. Also did a chkdsk /f on the drive; found no errors.

    So, what do you think ails this computer?

  13. . . .At which point it makes no sense at all to continue trying to repair the old one.

    Well, except that if I could get it running again, I could (a) sell it to offset the price of the new one, (b) give it to the many non-profits in my area who want things like that, or © have a backup in the event the MG6120 has problems.

  14. Are there no maintenance tasks available to you through Windows?

    May have been, but I doubt the printer would have done anything if I had tried. It was not accepting any commands to print or scan, so why would it accept commands from the printer software? In any case, to try that now would be a royal pain. I gave up on the MX600, bought a new MG6120 for about the same as it would cost me to get the 600 fixed, and it's a better printer (6 cartridges instead of 5, so photos look perfect, and it's wireless). I have removed the MX600 software. I could, of course, download and reinstall it, but I think the outcome would be no different. Remember, the original error message was that something "incompatible" was plugged into one of the ports when nothing was plugged into any port. Only after trying the "folded paper" trick did it change to a "paper jam". This suggests very strongly to me that the motherboard inside the printer has gone south. . .which is why the service technician told me it would probably need that part and with the bench charge cost at least $100, and advised me to buy a new one for about the same price.

  15. I had something similar happen once in the past. I had to run the maintenance tasks (clean paper feeder, etc) before it was fixed. It may also help to use compressed air to clean out the feeds.

    I tried compressed air (have a compressor in the garage for filling tires). Did nothing. As far as running maintenance tasks. . . can't, because nothing works; after you turn it on, it screws around longer than normal with "Canon" on the LCD, then the error message appears and nothing none of the buttons does anything. In addition, the Canon support tech had me go thru several procedures and concluded at the end that the printer would have to be serviced.

  16. I've had a Canon Pixma MP600 for slightly more than 4 years. It worked perfectly every day until yesterday. Turned it on and it presented me with an error message saying that something "incompatible" was plugged into one of it's camera ports. Nothing was plugged into any port. I searched the Web for the message and found several forms saying that it was really a paper jam error, and that the error occurred probably because a tiny lever inside the back of the printer was stuck on. The way to unstick it was to use a piece of heavy paper, fold over ~1cm. of top of the sheet, insert the sheet over the rubber rollers in the back as far as it would go with the folded part facing up, then withdraw it. The idea is that the folded part of the paper would act as a "hook" to pull the lever back. The explanation said I would feel resistance and a click, which I did.

    What did this do? It changed the error message to "you have a paper jam". I opened every panel and used a flashlight to try to find ANYTHING stuck in the printer. There was nothing. I tried unplugging the printer for over a minute, then plugging it back in/turning it on. Same result. Rebooting the computer also had not effect.

    Called Canon tech support. After putting me thru several procedures, the rep concluded that the printer needed to be serviced by an authorized Canon shop. I called the shop, and the (very honest) guy I talked to said that the total cost of repairing it would probably be $100 and that I could buy a new one for that.

    I'm an environmentalist, and I hate to chuck something as poisonous to the environment as a printer if there's any way to fix it at no or very low cost. So, I'm asking if anyone on this forum has encountered a similar problem with a Canon printer and were they able to fix it themselves?

  17. I also use CCleaner and probably average running it every other day on my XP desktop. Also have it on my Win 7 laptop. Always run both the file and registry cleaners. Took the time to register cookies to keep so it removes only the ones not on that list. Also use it to enable/disable Startup items. I find this program extremely useful and well designed. The registry cleaner (which many techies say never to use) has never caused a problem -- because it doesn't do what registry cleaners that cause problems do: It does not reassign a key to a file in a different place when it can't find the file where the registry says it is. It simply removes any registry entry for which there is no corresponding file.

    I do find that CCleaner does not catch all the temp files it should, so I also run %temp% and zap what it finds.

    For a couple of years, I was using IOBit's SmartDefrag as my defragger. Then I found out that IOBit was a Chinese company and had stolen Malwarebytes' code for their anti-spyware suite. The Chinese are notorious software pirates and are stealing our military secrets by hacking into Dept. of Defense computers. I will not use any Chinese software, even when free. So I dumped SmartDefrag and found Auslogics defragger. I'm so glad I did because it is MUCH faster than anything I've ever used and agrees with Windows defragger. That may sound strange, but after you run your defragger and it says all the files are contiguous, run Windows defragger. When I did that with SmartDefrag, Windows always found lots of fragmented files. When I do that with Auslogics, Windows finds no fragmented files.

    I also have Secunia PSI running in the background. It automatically scans the computer weekly and finds files that need SECURITY updates. Version 2 is terrific, in that after finding the files needing updating, it schedules the downloads/installs and carries them out in the background; I don't have to do anything. I also use FileHippo Update Checker, which checks for PROGRAM updates (not security updates), and run that also about every other day.

    With these free programs, my computers are kept updated (almost on a real-time basis) and are kept free of garbage. Over the several years I've used these utilities, my computers have never slowed down or acted strangely.

    BTW, I also use Avast! (AV/AS), Malwarebytes (AS), SuperAntiSpyware (AS), and SpywareBlaster (AS). Avast! updates automatically every day. I have to check for updates for the others. I scheduled Avast! to run a full scan once a week. I run quick scans with Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware once a week also (after updating each)... but since switching to Avast! about 8 months ago, Malwarebytes never finds anything and SuperAntiSpyware might find one or two items every 2-3 months. SpywareBlaster does not scan; it "immunizes" HOST files in the registry against spyware blaster.

    Hardware on which these are used: XP-SP3 JNCS custom-built desktop w/Intel mobo, E8400 Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 500GB Seagate HD. Win 7 (Home Premium) Toshiba laptop w/ Toshiba mobo, Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB Toshiba HD.

  18. I have always had trouble getting mail-merge (MM) letters created on my desktop at home to work when copied to another computer. It just happened again. The scenario goes like this:

    * Write query in MS Access (2000).

    * Create the form letter.

    * Use the MM toolbar to select the data source.

    * Insert fields

    When I run the MM letters, they work perfectly. I then take the letters to a client where the path to both the query and the letters is identical to what it is on my computer. However, the version of Office is 2003, not 2000. I get error messages that it can't find the DDE something or other, and a dialog box pops up with a button to "Find data source". I click it and it lists all the tables and queries from the correct database. Pick the query. Window opens ask me to pick the fields I want to use. Trouble is, none of the fields from the query are there. I'm not even sure where they're coming from. At one point, it asked if I wanted to remove the header information, which I did, then started all over again. Same result.

    I almost seems like you have to create the MM letters on the computer on which they're going to be used, else it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

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