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    Hello, I was wondering if DAF works with Windows Vista. I can''t install some Windows Update. I purchase an eMachine a few months ago and everything was updating okay...for awhile. Now, I basically ignore the update (or Red Icon next to the lock Icon) upon shutdown. It seems fickle. When I boot up the Icon appear grey and happy -but other times it turns red. It might be red when I boot up - I've become somewhat jaded : ( Thanks! Clueless
  2. :cool: Hi, This is my first time posting a comment, note, etc... on this site. I purchased an eMachine with Windows Vista Home Edition as the OS. I've been having problems with Windows update. It's been a problem for well over a month. Before I shut down my computer, the install updates icon is red and on other occasions it's gray (Well, I 'think' that was the 'normal' color). I sincerely hope there are some empathetic and talented individuals out the who can help a pretty computer illeterate guy. Thanks = )
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