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  1. theres so much to firefox with all the addons and everything else associated with it. it almost seems to complicated. any suggestions for a quick basic configuration before i install it if i decide to
  2. i know tarun and others recomend firefox. im not to convinced yet. i just briefly visited the firefox home page and i have some questions now. if anybody can break it down for me, please. 1. how much safer is it compared to ie 2. will i get less spyware/adware if using firefox 3. how easy is it to switch from ie to firefox 4. are there any known issues or bugs with firefox 5. will my computer be more suspectable to attacks using firefox since its all new 6. will i get a better performance with firefox compared to ie 7. will there be any compatability issues with my current anti-virus software im currently using symantic anti-virus/firewall
  3. sweet..more memory here i come
  4. if i upgrade my laptops memory to 1gig is there anything i have to do, or is it as easy as removivng the cover taking the old memory out and installing the new memory.
  5. im glad to hear that. i've posted some simple questions before in other sites that were pretty much made fun of. i say whatever. we all have to start somewhere
  6. greetings everyone. i guess you can say im a transplant from the ccleaner site. i dont have that much a computer knowledge but i hope to gain some by being active in these forums. so bare with me if i ever ask question that may seem basic. maybe one day i'll actually contribute advice to someone in these forums. cheers
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