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  1. Sorry SC, the only time i ever opened my Windows firewall up was yesterday. but just as others have stated, Windows firewall offers poor protection even if you are behind a router i still wouldnt trust it.
  2. maybe look for Agnitum in the Add/Removal programs.
  3. right click on the Outpost icon in the task tray now click on options click Application now im guessing that Hydra is in the Blocked applications catagory or even the Partialy allowed applications catagory. right click on Hydra where ever it's located and select Always trust this application. now Hydra should have no problems with connecting to the internet. if Hydra is not located in the applications list anywhere click "Add" while you are still in Applications and navigate to where you have Hydra saved. once you have found the Hydra folder open it up. find Hydra.exe and highlight it, now click Add. once you do that you can difine the rules. and that should be it.
  4. Stop All is like a failsafe for your connection. if you suspect that you are being attacked you can select Stop All to stop all traffic to and from your computer. you can restart the connection as normal just be selecting another policy without any porblems from the Stop All mode.
  5. is this happening at randoms times? what firewall are you using?
  6. let us know how you like Avast as opposed to eTrust. i'm starting to look for an alternative to eTrust. and yes, Outpost Pro does rock. when my 30 day trial is over i'm going to buy it in order to keep it.
  7. heres my setup! nice and simple.
  8. i would also suggest downloading TweakUI from Microsoft. Microsoft Power Toys
  9. i would watch giving out personal info to websites that has free offers, especialy from websites or companys that are not very well known.
  10. nice! what was the final solution?
  11. sorry Jmac but i couldnt read exactly what the message said. can you re post the image folowing directions from this guide? How to Post a Screen Shot
  12. so far i like OutpostPro, it has lots of features and seems pretty powerfull. it even has a anty-spyware scan that detected adware that none of my other scans detected.
  13. cool, thanks. earlier the seifried test was different then the one you provided, but i have changed some settings after that. i'm still learning Outpost Pro. so far i like it and will porobably buy it after the trial version is over.
  14. these three here.. PC Flank http://www.pcflank.com/ Shields Up!-Internet Vulnerabilities Profiling https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2 Seifried Security Scan http://www.seifried.org/freescan2/
  15. according to my settings everything is stealth but when i run firewall wall test the results come back as ports are closed but not stealth.
  16. i uninstalled ZoneAlarm Pro and trying out the Outpost Pro 30 day trial. i found ZoneAlarm was a little buggy and it also messed with my icons in the task tray. so now i'm configuring my settings on Outpost and i cannot figure out how to make my ports stealth. any ideas? everything else seems easy as far as setting rules and all that, definitely easier to setup then Norton.
  17. what are the specific details of Mediaplex that Spybot lists? have you scanned with any other Anti-Spyware applications other then Spybot?
  18. i had no part in the hijacking of this topic..i just want to make that clear.
  19. can you provide a link? why did you not like it?
  20. anybody know how big the flash drive is?
  21. i'm not sure how to get rid of the "sheild" icon but you can disable the "AV" icon by right clicking on it and then select "remove from tray".
  22. haha..thats a good laugh from reading that.
  23. no difference on my side. can you make the boost even speedier?
  24. here is where you can get SP2 http://update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdat...t.aspx?ln=en-us
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