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    Reading, eating, cooking, sleeping, working, avoiding domestic bliss

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  1. Hope you have/had the BEST day !!!
  2. It's been grand so far hazelnut . Age group ? we are both between 20 and 90 then :-) :hello:
  3. Thank YOU everyone. I suspect I fit in the same bracket as your friends. Everyone has helped and made me feel welcomed. It's lovely!
  4. Ditto Senuty, I won't hold THAT against you either :-) And CapMan, I was BORN in New Zealand so not spawned here.... although I LOVE it
  5. Thank YOU Capman, I only feel old when I look in a mirror, Inside and in my head I am still breathing and moving. I am SURE nobody will "Turn bad" but we all have off days...In Australia we do anyway !
  6. Hi, My name is Lyn. I live in Perth, West Australia. Have been on dial up for a few years and recently upgraded to broadband, got a bigger hard drive. I work in Education and Training and am an oldie (51) but still learning and willing to learn. I appreciate the help I have received so far. Thanks :-)
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