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  1. It sounds like you want to down-grade from WMP12 to WMP11 - Google is your friend. It likely is Windows firewall. I wouldn't expect too many resellers sending a computer out their doors without a firewall configured and enabled (by default). If I was you, I would determine if removing (or disabling) either can be accomplished without really screwing something up, you may be better off with the Windows 7 offerings. It shouldn't be too difficult to disable your existing firewall and install one you prefer. Are you sure Kerio is better than what you have now? Thx gys for your replies. The reason i want to downgrade wmp is because I can't-may more accurately because i can't figure out how to save files/vids I like. I had the old version wmp11 on my old pc & I was very happy w/ it. As for the firewall, my new laptop comes w/ the windows firewall, so far it is doing a good job, but may be it's because of my good experience of 5yrs w/ Kerio firewall that's why I wanted to feel safer. May be I should do as they say"if it ain't broken don't fix it". In my attempt to install kerio I did disable the windows firewall & yet again windows7 intervened to tell me that I already have a built in firewall in my system. I think I should just leave the firewall alone & focus on getting wmp to be installed. thank you for your assistance
  2. Hi guys, it's been a longtime since i've come to you w/ a problem to solve. Good to see most of the old gang is still posting here & assisting ppl like me. anyways, I have a new lap top w/ W7, but for the life of me i cannot find a way to uninstall wmp that comes w/ it or even install wmp 11(which i love) on top of the one originally installed in my laptop. I have even tried to install Keiro firewallbut windws wouldn't let me suggesting there's already a firwall installed. any help to deal with this guys would be very appreciated. Thank you so much
  3. Hi guys, Adel from cc forum, not a contributor, but an avid reader of your tips & technical advice. Haven't had any problems so far, thank god. Tarun, riggedly, dj lizzard keep up the good work guys & thanks for every little problem I managed to fix & every piece of good free program I downloaded. If it weren't for your tips & advice I wouldn't have. best of luck.
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