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  1. like page shows this .....The webpage at hxxps://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=flashhider&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. very bad !! anybody seen the same thing yet ???any fixes ???
  2. ok tried to reload sp1 back in ...it would a say failed installment after 12 trys it worked without any codes etc ....it got buggy before the last try i cleaned up the whole system with ccleaner and defraged it .....loaded in it no more trouble
  3. well i am reinstalling win7 sp1 on to windows 7 ......but it will not install any hammer to force it to go ???
  4. i have had two heart attacks and e.r. removal of the gull blatter ...now my truck is broken down and rebuilding the p.c. ...wow what a 8 month time frame, if a hell storm breaks lose at times !!!
  5. i had real mess two days ago the lan adapter crash and tried all old tricks ....fail ! all hardware work and o/s worked but no Internet connection ! it just crashed so i defraged and reboot the p/c god x000000F4 bsod what the moo ??
  6. i am using 64 bit win 7 but any trouble with architecture of the mother broad a trouble ???
  7. ok i have 3 gigs of ram but have a mother broad has 4 slots for ram ...can you go over 4 gigs with architecture of the mother broad may limit the ram use or is it o/s in the picture ? or both ?
  8. cz777

    strange reboot ?

    yup try disabling Automatically Restart and geforce driver was failing ....thxs on the event viewer ....this showed the trouble point ...!
  9. cz777

    strange reboot ?

    out of the blue a reboot started -no bsod ...no codes given just reboots at random .... very strange -no virus found -no hardware troubles found
  10. cz777

    strange reboot ?

    bug report .....x000000124 happen on strange restart ......
  11. cz777

    strange reboot ?

    i was cleaning up some old files ...what happens next is a reboot but reboot was unchecked in system setting ........ok how to fix bad habit ? now another strange action for 2 years now i have used opera without the shield on it -asking to ruin on the program of opera ?
  12. unlock the service manager in windows 7 -it got administer level thing going on ... thxs
  13. turn off or what if you have other protection running ? any trouble with it ? thxs
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