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  1. Thats interesting, dual boot would be decent. What gives Antergos the edge over more traditional ubuntu-type options? And can you recommend any lightweight alternatives to Lubuntu?
  2. Hi there! So avira would be the one to go for as a free antivirus. But is it necessary to replace Windows Defender with it? Or to replace MSE? I see, so glasswire is complimentary but not necessary in your opinion?
  3. Any new distros you've been trying? I have a really old, slow laptop so I'm only interested in running a very lightweight OS, so far lubuntu hits the spot. Xubuntu does look really nice but as far as I'm aware isn't as lightweight.
  4. Hi there, Been wondering about how decent the built-in anti-viruses are for Windows 7-10. I ask as for some friends who have 10 I recommended getting rid of their built-in Norton (as their laptops are very slow) and sticking to Windows Defender for the moment. Do you think Defender is decent enough anti-virus/malware? And the same goes for a windows 7 laptop I'm working on with built-in Norton, I'm going to remove Norton but is MSE good enough? I understand Windows Defender in Windows 10 is better than MSE? I ask as on the wiki I see recommendations of antivirus but no discussion of windows defender/MSE? If MSE and/or Defender aren't sufficient, what free antivirus would be recommended instead? Is it according to the wiki still Avira or Sophos, and which one is less resource-intensive? Finally, is the built in firewall in Windows 7-10 good enough? Or do you still recommend adding Glasswire? Or should one get a new firewall altogether? Thank you!
  5. Interesting, would really like to hear your thoughts. Especially your suggestions for a linux distro for low-end PC's. I'm not at home at the moment, I think I checked and it actually would handle vista ok, but alas money is a problem as ever.
  6. How come you avoid any ubuntu flavour? Do you recommend any linux distribution? Windows 7 wouldn't run particularly well, and again there is the problem of cost. It won't happen to be honest. Thank you for all the info everyone on the antivirus software, I'll stick with what I have
  7. I haven't used Bleachbit before, but the more I look at it the more I like it to be honest. In the early, early days the community at CCleaner was great. But now. not so much.
  8. Hi all. With MSE no longer available for download for XP (and with limited updates in the future), what would be the best antivirus and antimalware set-up? I have a bunch of questions as ever; Currently have Avast, but was wondering if AVG would be better? Or anything else? As stand-alone additional scanners/blockers, I just have SpywareBlaster to help protect, and MalwareBytes available as a standalone scanner. Is it worth adding Superantispyware to the mix, or indeed anything else (I of course have CCleaner)? Is it worth keeping XP? My family is using it on there desktop, and really can't afford to upgrade to Vista or any of the above (and I don't think it would run particularly well). What would be best? Try Lubuntu/Xubuntu or the like? Or leave XP and just be careful? Thanks for the advice as always!
  9. Thank you for all the replies people, MSE definitely seems the bees knees, particularly in the case of older machines, and for people who don't want to be bombarded with messages. Will definitely be using it on my family's windows machines.
  10. Oh yes, I see it now. I have it installed. May I ask, what makes it better than avast (I personally have noticed some speed differences - and I like how there is no need to subscribe to it, unlike avast). Also, how come avira and avast are still listed on the Anti-Malware Toolkit? I have Malwarebytes, is it still worth having SpywareBlaster and SUPERAntiSpyware? If so, I assume its best to turn off the real-time protection, but keep them around as on-demand scanners? Fair enough with Spybot. Whats the situation with firewalls? I see Comodo is no longer recommended? Was that because it was so bloated? I currently just have the windows firewalls running (both for XP and 7), is that enough, or should I go for Outpost (which is the only firewall I can see int he Anti-Malware Toolkit)? Thank you people for your help! Thank you, I have Superantispyware, and you remind me - I had some real problems with avast in the past with false positives. Hopefully MSE will be ok!
  11. Also, please let me know if I should be changing some of the antivirus/antimalware programs on my parents XP pc - they have avast also.
  12. Hi people, Its once again been quite a while since I've last bene here, I've been using lubuntu for so long that I've forgotten a lot of what is the best sofware for windows security. I'm fixing up my girlfriend's laptop at the moment (Windows 7). Her norton ran out, and wa slooking on here to find out what the best (free) antivirus is. I was expecting to see avast - but under the anti-malware toolkit form lunarsoft, it gives the options for avast or avira. And reading topics relating to anti-virus software, Tarun mentions Microsoft Security Essentials, and I've heard some people complain that avast isn't particularly good anymore? I've put on Microsoft Security Essentials for now, but would like to hear if I should install something else. Also noticed that under the AntiMalware Toolkit the afore mentioned Microsoft Security Essentials isn't added, and nor is Spybot; seach and destroy. How come? What is the bets anti-spyware sofware to use? Currently my girlfriends laptop just has Microsoft Security Essentials and Spyware Blaster for now. Would like to hear your thoughts on what else could be needed. Many thanks, and I'll try and do a hijackthis log soon (assumign it works for windows 7).
  13. I haven't posed here in ages (hope to change that soon!), but for the moment need some recommendations on good parental logging software. My mum wants to know what sites are being viewed by my younger sister, and she knows that my sis can delete history and enable private browsing mode with ease! Any recommendations for some good, free parental logging software, that records everything viewed on the internet? We use Firefox on the pc, and prefeerably looking for software that has basic password protection to turn on and off. Many thanks!
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