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  1. Use a good anti-virus with a very high detection rate and low memory usage like Kaspersky or NOD32, or freeware go with AntiVir or Avast.
  2. Use either Outpost Firewall Pro v4.0 (very advanced, sophisticated, states that it passes all known leaktests) or Comodo Firewall (very promising firewall and also states the same about leaktests).
  3. I've tried it, it's just an AOL-dumbed version of Kaspersky. Just use Kaspersky or NOD32. If you must go with freeware 9nothing wrong with that) use AntiVir (higher detection rate than Avast... and Symantec for that matter) or Avast. www.av-comparatives.org, read for yourself. :love:
  4. This topic has prompted me to hurry up with what I'm calling my Technical Anti-Virus Comparison. I've currently compared 18 individual anti-virus products and I'm going to post my results on my blog (which is work-in-progress). This has nothing to do with virus definitions (which you can find all info for the very anti-virus products on www.av-comparatives.org). This has to do with memory usage, services, processes, filesize of the installer and filesize of the installed program files/application data/etc, and GUI. I look forward to sharing my results with all of you. :love:
  5. I'd suggest the freeware Comodo Firewall or Outpost Firewall Pro. They are the two firewalls claiming to pass all leak-tests today.
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