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  1. How lovely to get a warm welcome from a country as far away as Australia. Perhaps we will contact each other again in the very near future. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you for the welcome, I think I've made a friend already.
  3. I've used OE for over 15 years and never became infected. One has to be careful not to open suspect mail and besides I use Mail Washer that loads my mail before it reaches OE. IncrediMail is not adware, I purchased my copy and I see no ads. I also use Firefox, but some sites have to be viewed in IE or they will not work. I'm satisfied with my setup, but thanks for your concern.
  4. My first name is Gloria and I'm a newbie on this forum. I just installed Dial-a-fix and decided to join the forum in case I encounter a problem. I hope to make a lot of friends here. Here is a little information about my computer, which is a Dell 3850 My operating system is: Windows XP Home Edition. If more informations needed, just ask. I have 2 hard drives and 1 removable. I have 2 browsers: Internet Explorer 7 Pro and Mozilla Firefox. I use 2 email clients: Outlook Express 6 and IncrediMail.
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