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  1. Alright thanks, I don't know of any other firewalls and most people seem to use Comodo anyways.
  2. No popups now, weird. I cleaned out the temp folder on here and no problems yet.. everything seems back to normal. I think I might try out Commodo Firewall that you guys have posted up here, it seems to be pretty decent and should help tighten security rather than using the Vista built in firewall.
  3. This is not a license subscription or anything, it is a corporate version apparently, I forgot where it said it though. I didn't have to enter any keys. I already deleted everything that I could, I found traces of limewire in there and deleted those instantly.
  4. I've never had any of those problems for nearly 3 years.. so I really don't know, but I'm going to delete the temp folder now. It says some files can't be deleted because they are being used by another program.. weird.
  5. Actually Symantec works fine, it's Norton Antivirus that I don't want. This is very low profile and seems to work great in finding things, either way. I went looking for the file, and it isn't there, I guess it was deleted. So is it safe to clear everything in that temp folder at that path?
  6. My computer Says that Symantec found a Spybot Worm thing named W32.Spybot.Worm - rBot.exe one month ago.. Symantec on my other computer found it too, it came from limewire.exe or something, i haven't used limewire in a million years.. so it must be from some old hard drive I had around. Here is some pictures of what I am talking about: Any help is appreciated, I am pretty scared as I have a lot of important passwords and things that I do on my PC.. really seeking urgent help, thank you all. Sorry If I leave out information, I am really stressed out right now and don't really know
  7. I know nothing about either of those cards, but I would be inclined to say that if the card is newer, then it might do you better. I just know that if it's a ''PCI'' Graphics card then it is old, but yeah try and see what results you get.
  8. Not much of an upgrade, runs CoD with X4 AA better though, and the defaulted settings were all set to max opposed to the 8600, FPS increase in Guild Wars is 0, 8600 performs as good as an 8800, but Guild Wars is nearly a 3 year old game now and even the old 7 series of Nvidia cards would dominate that game, so yeah. Gonna test more games later and see what I come up with, but in Call of Duty 4 I get better performance for sure. Card Idles at about 60-65C, under load it gets 70C as far as I've seen. 8600 would idle at 50C, under load it got 60C, but that is only expected as the cards are
  9. Where do I go to change fan speeds for things like video cards or system fans? I heard of people doing it but I have no idea how to. Also on my 8600 GT I used to be able to right click the desktop and go ''Properties > Settings > Advanced 8600 GT tab > Advanced settings on that, and I could monitor the cards temperature, change AA settings from 2X 4X 8X etc and all the other good things, now I can't do that on my 8800, it makes me go to some craptastic Control Panel thing where I can't do anything, it says you can ''Change Settings'' in it (And I'm in advanced view) but I can't do
  10. 8600 GT is an amazing card, runs most games on max settings without any problems at all, exempting Crysis and a few others. Guess I just wanted more power and stepping up to any 8800 model is undoubtedly going to be more power. And about selling it; I know that I won't get very much for it, but my brothers don't have an SLI motherboard so I can't give it to them so they can SLI it with theirs. So It's basically just going to collect dust if I don't get rid of it, at best I'd just find a new use for it later.
  11. It uses a 6 pin, and the box comes with a little converter so if you don't have a 6 pin it's no problem. If this card suits me well then I'll sell off my 8600 GT, you only live once!
  12. New question! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817371004 Can this power supply power this card: http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx...N82E16814130082 I realize that card is getting ''Outdated'' and the 8800GT is ''Better'' now, but if this card sucks when I get it then I'll send it back and get a different one, it's not much of a problem.
  13. Well this is a Logitech Gaming Headset to be more precise, so technically it is a computer part, but yeah I test my luck with mouses, and my keyboard I already knew what it was like, so it's ok to order it again online.
  14. Yeah well for a stock heatsink it was better than most, but not the best for sure. Apart from that I can't get it to sit snug and tight into its native motherboard, we put my old computer back together (with some crappier parts, gave some away) and yeah, just need a crappy power supply for it. Probably have one lying around. So far the only things I've ordered off the online stores are my case, my mouse, my microphone, and a few other random things, but if I plan to buy any bigger parts anymore I will order them, very cheap online. Should probably just start a new random hardware talk
  15. Yeah I shop online too always, but wanted to go to a store for this part because it was urgent, it couldn't wait. Newegg seems to have some of the best prices I have found, and sometimes they have good deals like free shipping, discounted items, or rebates. And I always buy the parts separately and stuff because you can find any variety you want, though I don't know where my old heatsink came from, it was off a computer that I had back in 2005, it was made of pure copper but it didn't have very good features or design over all I guess, just cant keep up with todays needs.
  16. Yeah, it works Flawlessly, my other heatsink was put to shame, despite that it was from the same brand. Fry's over-prices stuff though, they had 8800 GT's there for 270$ usd! you can get them for 200$ off newegg.com (with rebates).
  17. Good news, I got a new heatsink for 40$ and it dropped my CPU Temperature about 25C, It's running at 45C right now with games up, It's amazing, and I couldn't be happier! http://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Typhoon-...0497&sr=8-4 Also I bought a DVI cable for my monitor, and noticed that it works better than my other cable did. And thanks for all the help and replies, helped quite a bit in making some decisions and gave some good insight.
  18. I know, but the fins on it are apparently razor sharp, not really friendly if you ask me. It's kind of odd how they make no small heatsinks that are super high end and effective, it seems that all the ones that do a good job either have a funny design or are super huge, which is kind of inconvenient. I guess they are just relatively ugly parts, not that it matters, it's more of the size that kills it for me.
  19. Ah, well yeah, I know I only need a Dual Core personally, I don't do much on computers, the 8800 is just so tempting though, I guess I want it more than I'll ever need it. Guess that's good news that my power supply specs ok for that kind of stuff too, then. And I was reading reviews on that Zalman heatsink, and I am a bit scared of it now. 3 different people say that they have cut their hand multiple times trying to install it, one guy said he nearly chopped his finger off, and since I have never put on a heatsink I am going to try and stay away from that one lol. Grandpa might have to be
  20. Well, I run games at 1280X1024 and I could run most games I've encountered with every setting maxed and no problems, so I guess I don't really need the 8800, but it's more of wishful thinking. I have an LCD screen, 19' (Gonna buy a real DVI Cable for it tomorrow, has a VGA with DVI Converter on it). As for the type of games I play, I mostly play Guild Wars (Which my computer is already over killing) but I want to try some games like Call of Duty 4 or some of those newer ones, I've never been able to get into them so I thought it would be a fun thing to do since I can now. But all in all I e
  21. Well, I just know that the 8800GT is better than the 8600 by far, and It may perform a lot better in high end games, so that's why I was interested. But I'll only buy it for the right price, don't wanna pay too much for a card that will soon be outdated. Also I heard that the 9800+'s will probably be 300$+, Way out of my price range and I don't want to put a card like that into a motherboard like mine, plus my power supply couldn't handle that power, so that'd be another new part to get.
  22. Lol yeah I know, that does sound like something they would do, but I'm not that dumb and sadly sometimes I think I know more than they do about computers, and that says a lot. I met Tarun on another gaming site and I was asking him questions since he seemed to know literally everything, and he recommended that I posted this question here to get some more help, and I can say that so far it has helped more than most of the useless comments you'll get on the other sites heh. I think today I will go to techreport.com and see if I can find some really big reviews on a few cooling parts too, c
  23. Yeah, this motherboard does suck, it costed pocket change, and its incredibly tiny, that was my biggest concern, seems like the heatsink will overlap the RAM or just not fit right at all. Tomorrow I am going shopping so I will look around at the stores and ask the guys who work there if they know good solutions for my problem, but I thought I would get some insight from some techs online too, it helps a lot and can help me make better choices, can't always trust the guys at the stores lol. For the most part all the parts in this PC are good except the mobo, which I knew from the start, h
  24. Well, I don't care much for the LED lights, I actually don't want them but since i have my side panel on I don't care, they won't bother me at night. Also as I mentioned to Tarun before, my Mobo + CPU came in a bundle, the CPU was out of the box though so it was cheaper, meaning that it didn't come with a heatsink. And this board has an AM2 slot so I know which kind of heatsink to get, just not sure if it will fit, since it's so huge. As for it being hot in my room, yes. I live in Arizona, where in the summer time it gets up to 40-45C outside, but in the wintertime here my CPU never wou
  25. Well, this computer is brand new, not even a couple of months old, and I clean it every week so I know theres no dust, It's just the heatsink. Because in my old system that had an AMD Athlon 3200+ it had the same problem, ran very hot and sometimes I had to power down the PC in order to cool it off, but no my system has never crashed, It's been very stable, however sometimes I heard whining noises coming from the processor area so I turned it off hastily.
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