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  1. The water isn't too bad if you avoid the solid parts. Μαδρε μια' ιτ ισ βαδ!
  2. Things are different in Greece.
  3. Here is a link to a program I want to try:http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/Yankee-Clipper/yankee.html I can't do it here because my font is ποσεσσεδ!
  4. I don't want to be a newbie anymore. <_< It changed while I was posting!
  5. Copy the second one to the notepad, and then paste in the email from the notepad.
  6. gunner


    September 11, 2001. Never ever forget this day.
  7. gunner

    Car Alarm

    Crazy thing is, I don't remember. On some forum, probably. More:
  8. gunner

    Car Alarm

    These are great. I will send more when I master the backstroke.
  9. gunner

    Car Alarm

    I double posted, so I will redeem myself with this one.(below)
  10. My wife is Greek, and we go there and Turkey a lot. I just mostly buy real estate for too much and sell it for too little! We went to Cesme in July, and now we are off to Athens (her home), then to Turkey to a tourist town named Kusadisi. The great plan is to buy now and make some money when Turkey joins the EU.
  11. Yes, it is I. On my way to Turkey, and thought I would say hello before I go.
  12. gunner

    Car Alarm

    So this is where everyone is hanging out. With all the power flucuations, this has been developed:
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