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  1. i've heard good things going for SP1 for Vista. we'll just have to wait and see. i'll upgrade to vista once i'm ready for it. far as Computer upgrade goes. all i need is more RAM, possibly a bigger HDD and a faster CPU. yes, and maybe on top of all that a better Graphics Card and a new Motherboard. in all though is the new shortcuts and new GUI look necessary? just makes new users and current users confused like myself. took me awhile to figure out how to network a Notebook.
  2. well, if you are using Windows 98 and not into gaming and just doing normal stuff on a daily base then surely you can find parts for that computer. CPU, RAM and maybe a bigger HDD. if it were me i'd do that but that's me :)
  3. all i hear is blah blah blah coming from that video. Vista is far the worst that also including Windows ME. Vista requires so much to run. it's not that different from Xp. all the new GUI tweaks are useless and the new search crap and new shortcuts is BS! all over. i hate what Microsoft has become. stay with Xp for the next year or so people.
  4. if you want, TigerDirect and even Newegg still sell PCI Standard Cards. Amazon sells them i think... to.
  5. Furr

    IE7Pro 2.1

    been using this since it's later releases and let me say i don't use nothing but IE7 now.
  6. i'm fine with the new one but thanks
  7. hello, i was once a user here known as new_age but i have been gone and i lost myself with deep depression over the last year due... to a 2 year relationship but now i'm back and things are good. the relationship is still here in my heart and i couldn't be happier. i'm now apart of a BIG Community Forums over at iAudiophile.net. still in the computer world but over the past year i've been in the MP3 world for over a year and some months now. happy to be back though.
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