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  1. OSAM: Autorun Manager v5.0 - against rookits that hide their files! 11-Sep-2009 As mentioned before, a few weeks ago we recommenced the works on our first public product, namely OSAM: Online Solutions Autorun Manager. Releasing this, fifth, version of the product has turned hard for our company. For a number of reasons of different nature the release data had to be moved several times. However, we managed to brace up and - thanks to join efforts - finally released the new version of the product. Now, greet OSAM: Online Solutions Autorun Manager v5.0! The 5th version provides a uni
  2. Updated: 01-Sep-2009 20:15 Reason: support for new kernels (native and other) We also planning to update support for new kernels tomorrow. So, if you want to install on your system, please use KernelChecker to check compatibility and upload unknown kernels.
  3. Change list for OSSS: Security Suite v1.1 Beta (15 Aug 2009 06:30) Support of 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 2008 operating systems has been included. "Security Master" for customizing the system automatically during installation has been added. Protection against keyboard and mouse control interception has been significantly improved. Interface of requests has been improved. Formatting and contents of displayed text has been changed. Scrolling in request dialog boxes has been implemented. In the OSPD (Proactive Defense) module the "Allow Most" policy has been restored. The p
  4. OSSS: Security Suite. Fourth public beta (15-Aug-2009 06:30) For the recent six weeks we have implemented a number of new functions. The first one to mention is automatic customization of rules via Security Master already at the program installation stage. Starting with version v1.1, search for software in use is performed during the OSSS installation, whereupon the accumulated data are analyzed on our server and the set of rules for the detected applications is generated automatically. The safety level of an application is analyzed using the database of another our product
  5. Hello Tarq57! At this moment - no. Also we do nothing with tails of files at the end of file (at "last" disk sector). If once some of the files was changed to smaller size. This is not a wiping software, so it's OK and absolutely normal (but I must say again - only at this moment ).
  6. Hello! SpyLOG - it's just a Russian web-statistics engine (counter) used by many of web-designers, like Google's "Google Analytics". You can read on english about it here. Nothing of insecure, illegal, spy- or ad-ware. It's not because of MSI installer's engine. It's because the size of Microsoft's Redistributable Package that is included to full installation package (and excluded from self-extract archives for professionals). If you carefully read a notice on download page, you'll see information and links for additional archive with system libraries or link to site of Microsoft f
  7. Hello! My name is Mihail Fradkov! I'm working at Russian information security company Online Solutions. We are developing software for protecting users against any threats: Personal Firewall (OSPF), Proactive Defense (OSPD), Autorun Manager (OSAM), Privacy Cleaner (OSPC). I hope to find here a beta-testers for our software and get some feedback and suggestions to improve it! And of course, I'm sure that our software will really helpful for you! (BTW, all software is fully free). If you have any questions feel free to contact me using PM.
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