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  1. I always liked him as an actor. He had a pretty funny show, The Bernie Mac show. You can still catch it on TV in some parts of the States now and then. He was good in the Ocean's series too.
  2. Welcome to the forums. :gold:
  3. I tested Hazard Shield, and I do not like the GUI. It seems very oddly designed. I did not see it against malware. I liked the "Tools section", however.
  4. I'm about to test it myself, but I'm looking at the "runs on NetFramework 2.0" part of your post and shaking my head. That doesn't sound too good to me.
  5. Prm753

    Your browser

    Good ol' Firefox for me too. :gold:
  6. I'm not seeing this, so if this feature is already in LunarDownloader, forgive me. But I think a little option to download the latest .xml file for LunarDownloader might be nice, as it seems one or two pieces of info on certain programs are out of date, although it was easy enough to edit. :)
  7. Hi there, I'm "Prm753", and I have several pieces of security/cleaning software that I maintain on a somewhat regular basis, ViewpointKiller, PastIconsFlusher, and JavaRa. I am a student in the United States. I just thought I might introduce myself since the new home of the JavaRa forums is here at Lunarsoft. If you have any questions feel free to ask. -Paul
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