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  1. That's the word! Couldn't find it yesterday. Well alright then. Sitting on Vista ATM tho', I'm switching OS's pretty often... :wave:
  2. Alright, fair enough. What about pink? Would you then think it's stylish, or g*y?
  3. I can't see where the "geeky" part gets in, but it looks pretty acid. :wave:
  4. Well, I've changed it. What do you think? >Screenshot<
  5. Oooops! Sorry about that one! :( Didn't noticed that message.
  6. No, we are many. Well thanks, it's called moomex. :D
  7. Could be a driver problem, I would suggest re-installing and updating the driver (and the driver software). As it's an acer, you can go at acer's homepage and download them there. EDIT: Added link. Clik Me.
  8. WOW! That sounds freakin' kewl! Could you tell me how to do all that stuff man? :O
  9. Thanks guys! @Tarun And I'm glad to be a part of it. :D
  10. Thanks for the welcome man, nice place! :wave:
  11. Hi all! Just droppin' by to say hello! Nice forum you got here! :wave:
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