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  1. You seem to be pretty easily offended, I had no such intention. "Computer Repair Service" is pretty vague, I was unsure whether you were running a business or a volunteer service. You mentioned "So in my quest to find a site that I have high hopes of finding knowledgeable IT’s who are willing to help me with an issue, point me to a web site for more insight into an issue, or even a book that would lead the way I look to you and your site.", so I pointed you to Wikipedia, because I think its a very useful and informative website, not as an insult. Yes, it does help me to understand you a
  2. I would like to address each of you, and thank you for your welcome response. Eldmannen; you were correct in your perceptions of my negativity. It is so very hard to find a quality Web site to help all of us in personnel or business computers systems. I fit into the middle ground group. I refuse to work for a retail outlet and push things I know are not correct. (I would most likely be fired first.) I have an extensive knowledge base for most personal computer systems and some knowledge of Servers. I perceived the “Introduction” as just a way to give a brief insight to my pers
  3. When I say I Run a Business Clearly that is what I would intend on saying. Just because there are some people I personally feel deserve a beak in life does not come close being persieved as not good for Business. So I would now like to know is does this place you speaking personally in terms. I feel that Tech board such as this should and can maintain a high degree of Business Eithics. Placing comments such as yours clearly make it questionable as to your degree of knoweledge of software, hardware, and what it would take to be kind and still run a healthy business with an income.
  4. :wave: I have my own Computer Repair Service. I run this service from my home, which started as growing interest in fixing my own systems, when I found the OEM’s were not able to. This by NO MEANS, indicates that I do not appreciate their continued help or efforts to make the repairs. I have found that almost every OEM Technician has good knowledge of their product. However they are not trained in the software that backs the hardware in the systems. Such as ACPI, Controllers and in the most surprising case is that they are given very little information on the BIOS updates that are offe
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