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  1. You seem to be pretty easily offended, I had no such intention. "Computer Repair Service" is pretty vague, I was unsure whether you were running a business or a volunteer service. You mentioned "So in my quest to find a site that I have high hopes of finding knowledgeable IT’s who are willing to help me with an issue, point me to a web site for more insight into an issue, or even a book that would lead the way I look to you and your site.", so I pointed you to Wikipedia, because I think its a very useful and informative website, not as an insult. Yes, it does help me to understand you a little better. @Synapse and Eldmannen Read the above Bold, Italicised, Underlined text VERY carefully. Then re-read it. These are the people that Frances lends a FREE hand to. (My kudos to you Frances, there aren't many people in business that do this). This is where Eldmannens grasp of English ONCE AGAIN makes him spout his diatribe about what he would do. Guess what you two, it's HER business not YOURS. You can make opinions but don't make them sound like that what she's doing is incorrect, you don't know the background behind it as you OBVIOUSLY didn't either read her opening post or understood it and by the sounds of it, neither of you has ever run a business. (Yes I have in case you're wondering.) Yes, I reported Eldmannen for what I feel is his continual put-down of people don't seem to fit his little niche of the world. Shame on you Synapse for airing the dirty laundry about the reports. You're supposed to be a moderator, and moderators normally find out ALL the information from other mods or admins before commenting and if there is an issue you take it to the posters directly via PMs or if things are extremely bad via email to the people involved, again it should not be aired on the forum without consultation. This forum from its inception is about HELPING people with their PC problems, not about putting them down or belittling what they do. So pull your heads in, and in future CAREFULLY read what's been posted before shooting off at the mouth. I never said what she did was "incorrect". Helping others is a nice thing to do. I just wouldn't go out of my way in order to help strangers. Though, later she mentioned that she thought it was fun to help fix others computers. Me and her obviously think different about that. I like to use computers for my own use, but don't really like to troubleshoot others peoples faulty computers, because it gives me a headache and takes up my time. She likes to help other people with their computers, and thats fine. Eldmannen; WOW! I guess that is the way I should start this. My first attempt at responding to a site that requests an “Introduction” has produced more comments than any of the help I have every offered for System Repairs. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet. Here is what I hope is my last comment on this in the Introduction section. First of all, Eldmannen I really think I am beginning to like you more and more. Yes we have misunderstood each other and we have different reason for sitting in front of a screen listening to the low humming of our system or the loud (in my case surround sound music). But we are all passionate in our own beliefs. As with a lot of people who use the forms for information you were correct again by sending me to Wikipedia. You didn’t and still don’t know my level of certification. As I said before my grammar isn’t my best attribute which doesn’t always provide people with a since of my education (you know how that goes, sometimes you get it and sometimes the boat just passes you by ). So if I were you, I believe you made the best choose with that site. I also said that I was a rather reserved person so I would prefer not to share my level of certification; I would like to ask stupid questions and get good answers from time to time. There are times when I find I work on a projects that are very complicated I become so involved and then switch to a very simple issue on another system and go completely blank. Yes this could be a senior moment but don’t go there. I referred to my business on this site a computer repair service. That is not the name of my business nor does it cover all that I do. My income sources come from a variety of tasks related to both software and hardware. So again I would like to maintain a relative short version of my job, I hope that this will be Ok with you. I have no idea how old you are, so I will share with you something I don’t often share with most and that is my age. Now remember I am a women so this is big and you should feel proud of the fact that you can get a women to reveal her age after all the time we take to dye our hair and work out in the gyms trying to keep up with you. I am 54 years old I have 4 grown children and as I said 10 grandchildren. My youngest is 21, for some reason my children stay home until they finish college and or get married. This makes them about 26 on average by the time they leave my nest. My youngest son has taken it a bet further by bringing home (of course asking first) 2 more of his 21 year old friends. Now some of you would wonder why I would let that happen. It is because like you Eldmannen, (who I am pretty sure happens to be much younger than I), they bring a special lightness that feels my home with an unclouded since of happiness with great hope for their future. I love the life they bring into my home. This is why I have changed my onion of you; I believe you must do the same thing for others. SenutyEnool. I hope you received my email, I am not sure how to use the board yet so I think I pushed the wrong send for the email to go through. If you didn’t then at this point I will say it publicly. I sincerely appreciate your responses. I must admit that it was late and after many hours of work I read the first response. I should never have placed a returned comment and just let it go. But I was tired and hurt. So reading your post came as a timely and very welcome support which was and is most appreciated. I Thank you! I hope this is the end of all this attention to my post. I didn’t make a very good impression but I did learn some very good lessons that go beyond computing. For that I am grateful.
  2. I would like to address each of you, and thank you for your welcome response. Eldmannen; you were correct in your perceptions of my negativity. It is so very hard to find a quality Web site to help all of us in personnel or business computers systems. I fit into the middle ground group. I refuse to work for a retail outlet and push things I know are not correct. (I would most likely be fired first.) I have an extensive knowledge base for most personal computer systems and some knowledge of Servers. I perceived the “Introduction” as just a way to give a brief insight to my personal background and interest. That was all. The comments such as “because I think that you formulate yourself a bit strange sometimes, or When you said that you own a "Computer Repair Service", I thought you were running a business. But I read that you "help (these) people out with out charging", thats not good for business. Then to say, “I don't know why you would want to help strangers for free? Doesn't sound like fun.” Of course the for me the icing on the cake was to send me to Wikipedia. These were the comments I did take offence to. I work 10 hours or a day and or more depending on situation, and yes I do earn a living but owning my own business gives me the freedom to work when I want and what projects I will take on. I also said that unlike a lot of people I have a kind husband who enables me to drop profits once in a while. So I take advantage of this for much needed time off, and to play with my other projects which by the way have nothing todo with computers and more to do with repairing parts of homes such as replaceing plumbing for kitchens, & bathroooms or regrouting the floorings. I have such a passion for software and computers that I take pleasure in working on personal projects for people without charging because I recieve an insight to their world and teaching them how to be safe. I make it clear from the beginning that they will pay for any parts and if I find that it is not worth fixing then I will help them find a system of their choosing that meets their needs without over selling them. I also make it clear that because it is on my own time they will receive service at a much slower pace than if that were to take it to a normal repair shop. However I will also say that you are more than likely correct in your judgment of my writing or spelling practices. This is partly due to the fact that I am a very reserved person (I cann't spell, so Thank GOD for Office Products) However they don't help much in the way of grammer. I spend more time with computers, my grandchildren (10) so far). Of course they don’t improve my speaking skills these days and most of the time I don’t understand them. I have also worked with the disabled and elderly for over 15 Years. Some of them can barely speak or remember me the next day, and yet there are some that I can sit with and listen to for hours. They have a history that most of us take for granted today in our techie world. So does this help any of you understand me a little better? To Synapse, I understand now that the site is about Computing and having fun. I agree there needs to be sites like this to enable better access to quality answers to every day needs which does not cater to business issue on a large or medium level. I hope you won’t mind if I need your help with software issues that do go beyond the basic OS. Sometimes it can be the smallest things that will take me forever to research. Then there are the platforms that and certain scripting sections that will stop me in my tracks. Or as one of my request for help that I posted yesterday deals with a device conflict. As I said in that post none of the OEM techs understand it so they have just changed out damaged hardware left and right on system that I see this issue on. Micorsoft is so busy with the business of working with Vista, and all there new software that they have tried but I can not find anyone there who understands the issue. If I could find the devices that are accessing the mini address of 0x000010c0 - max address 0x00010df under the SMBus I would be able to get to the next step of providing a clear reason for them to work this I/O Conflict out. I have been contacted by the Corparate Managers when I brought this to their attention but they wanted me to print out all of my research. I feel that I now have a chance to help resolve this issue. It would also help define the need to clearify the damage that could be done. This issue is not seen under any system reporting. Not even under MSINFO32. Only the Device Manager and a special Registry Product which produces the the comparision of the two HIVEs. Again thank all of you for your response and I sincerely hope I have helped to bridge any errors in my ways.
  3. When I say I Run a Business Clearly that is what I would intend on saying. Just because there are some people I personally feel deserve a beak in life does not come close being persieved as not good for Business. So I would now like to know is does this place you speaking personally in terms. I feel that Tech board such as this should and can maintain a high degree of Business Eithics. Placing comments such as yours clearly make it questionable as to your degree of knoweledge of software, hardware, and what it would take to be kind and still run a healthy business with an income.
  4. :wave: I have my own Computer Repair Service. I run this service from my home, which started as growing interest in fixing my own systems, when I found the OEM’s were not able to. This by NO MEANS, indicates that I do not appreciate their continued help or efforts to make the repairs. I have found that almost every OEM Technician has good knowledge of their product. However they are not trained in the software that backs the hardware in the systems. Such as ACPI, Controllers and in the most surprising case is that they are given very little information on the BIOS updates that are offered to the system you own. After conferring with several OEM managers they all agree that for some reason the software engineers don’t share much in the way of updating their technicians of impending updates to firmware and the reason why. So on more than one occasion (slower learner myself, I suppose) I have updated a BIOS from the site only to find that either I must remove the CMOS and start over or I am in for a bigger surprise of having to purchase a new motherboard. Most OEM Techs are so uninformed that they are completely unaware that it may not be the best use of a 250 GB 7200 RPM SATA III 2.5 Laptop HDD, (which of course you pay extra for), are not configured correctly in Vista. That have Controllers setting them up as ATA channel 0 DMA 5 for the SATA HDD and ATA channel 0 DMA 2 for the DVD R/W. Using KB 922976 does fix this issue. I have even found several new updates, which refer you to the OEM for the fix. However this can be a round robin effect because if they are not informed and the update fix is not listed than customers are back where they started. So many more reason for my job but I suppose it is my envy of really good MVP’s and their impressive knowledge. As the many books that surround my walls, I read from Software and Hardware basically for Windows (Sorry just can’t get into Linux yet) I can never keep up. I don’t serve customers who have the knowledge and money to take care of their systems. My customers are mostly the elderly with very little knowledge. They are also the most susceptible to be ripped off and have a new drive installed or a format done without a personal backup of their very important, medical information, phone numbers, pictures and so on. This can be so hard on them. Most of them are either shut-ins and their only way into the world for purchases and news is the Internet. Then there are the young parents trying to make ends meet and can not afford a new system or loose their personal tax information and again personal information, but so many of them don’t even know how to clean up the temp IE files and History. They just get by on some virus protections, firewalls, and anti-virus. When they try to overcome not having this I know all of you hear the horror stories of programs that run on these systems and inform them of all the spyware or virus that they have and the only way to get rid of it is to download and pay for the product that put it there. So because of my thirst for knowledge and lucky enough to have a wonderful husband I am able to help these people out with out charging them unless they in fact there are parts to be replace. That is something they cover. I work on Servers as little as I have to and only for small companies of friends and family. In this way I don’t feel I am a complete novices but I can certainly tell you there is never a day when I find I am in the dark finding issues I have been unable to repair on my own. As I have told many of my techs. There is just no way we can know everything all the time. So in my quest to find a site that I have high hopes of finding knowledgeable IT’s who are willing to help me with an issue, point me to a web site for more insight into an issue, or even a book that would lead the way I look to you and your site.
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