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  1. Yes now that im rich and famous i think i will pass the grey poupon

  2. look edlmannen when you do a review of a program you do use a lot of the material provided at the developers site. if i test it and agree in principle with some of the claims i will use it in the article tweak it, change it, or use it word for word if that captures the essence of what i myself encountered using it on my computer. There are just so many ways to construct an article on antimalware every cliche, phrase, adjective etc. has been used time and time again.
  3. yes saw tony hayward yesterday at the yacht race had a few beers

  4. Okay Mate, no problem understood. just some generosity from the developer.
  5. Soon i will be among the ranks of the elite no longer hanging with the peasants. Isn't life grand.

  6. that argggg!!! pirate remark wa s in jest Matey!!! gUiTaR_mIkE just having some fun there Lol!!!
  7. Better yet gUiTaR_mIkE look in your PM Mailbox for ability to benchmark first hand results on your own.
  8. this is one awesome program aye i'm a pirate
  9. Safe Returner " The Real Deal " Safe Returner is a very unique perspective to malware detection. Safe Returner will detect, and obliterate Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware. This is a fail safe to be used when your anti-virus software fails to effectively stop, detect and eliminate them. Safe Returner's uses a state of the art lightning fast scanning engine. A full scan taking less than 3 minutes with subsequent scans taking even less time. Safe Returner with an advanced heuristic malware detection engine classifies each threat in one of three categories High Risk, Moderate Risk, or Low
  10. I started having some fun with Linux, I have PCLinuxOS partitoned on a Laptop along with Windows XP Pro, and Windows 7 Ultimate. But I find myself using Linux more then those other two.
  11. 2010 Threat Predictions: Staying Ahead of the Threat Curve Here is an interesting Tidbit, 2010 Threat Predictions: Staying Ahead of the Threat Curve, http://blog.lumension.com/?p=2462
  12. They give out free samples. Just like the drug dealers do around the schools. They give out free samples of drugs to kids at the school yard to create a demand for the drug, then they sell it. Shareware works on the same modus operandi as drug dealers. " I can't seem to recall the answer to your question Senator "......." I'm hereby invoking my right to take the fifth and want access to My Attorney immediately"...... "LOL"
  13. KMess 2.0.3 License: Open Source File Size: Varies depending upon the Version of Linux , ( Ex. Fedora 1.2MB ) HomePage: http://kmess.org/ Screenshots: http://kmess.org/screenshots/ Download: http://kmess.org/download Operating Systems: Linux * openSUSE, http://software.opensuse.org/search?q=kmess * Ubuntu, https://launchpad.net/~kmess-packages/+ ... ess-stable * Debian, http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=kmess * Mandriva, http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Docs/Basic_ ... g_software * Fedora, https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/kmess * Arch Linux, http://www.arch
  14. no where is it stated as free this is just an acknowledgement that there are other options to use in defending ones system instead of the typical antivirus technology that is at times archaic.
  15. BluePoint Security 2010 [
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