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  1. Yes now that im rich and famous i think i will pass the grey poupon

  2. yes saw tony hayward yesterday at the yacht race had a few beers

  3. Soon i will be among the ranks of the elite no longer hanging with the peasants. Isn't life grand.

  4. This is one intelligent dude. the Orbitech Grand Master himself. giving us all the technology of tommorow through the protection of Hazard Shield .

  5. This gentleman is a big asset to this forum he is both knowlegeable and gracious.

  6. This Technocrat is always trying to improve upon the appearance of various Windows OS and he has far exceeded Microsoft and has left them literally in his wake.

  7. A Tech Wizard who is willing to go that extra mile in helping others, providing solid software acessments and recommendations and having a superb forum here at Lunarsoft.net

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