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  1. Thanks for the advice. I will download PC maintenance and see what it it gives me. Impi
  2. Hi Tarun I was doing a web search when I received a message from spybot that the registry has changed - ITBARLayout -hex11,00,00,40,00................. Allow or deny. I denied it but it keeps poping up. I did a google search and I suddenly received a warning from Antivirus 2008 that I had virus's on my system. No matter what I did I could not get rid of this. It did a scan and then said if I wanted to remove these viruses I need to register at a fee! This really p...ssd me off as I feel I am being pushed into something I don't want! Do you know anything about ITBARLayout or AntiVirus 2008. It keeps popping onto my screen whithout any prompting from me. How do I get rid of this as I did not install it? Impi
  3. I've heard good things about Gigabyte. The Gigabyte P35-DS4 is popular among enthusiasts. Could it be an engineer who wrote in Chinglish? Maybe he meant "Checking system health..." Thanks for the info DjLizard. I have had this computer for at least 8 years and it is only recently that it has given me this message. Edlemannen - The message is definitely Check System Health! I Googled Check Sytem Health! and there is quite a bit of information on this all pointing to either the cooling fan or the BIOS settings. I am still looking for the manual which I may have lost when I moved. Impi
  4. Hello Cluberti Sorry - I have been away for a few days and have only just seen your reply. Regretfully I don't know much about the inner workings of the hardware but have checked the fan and that is working. I will try find the manual and establish what the correct settings should be. I have a P3 which I have had for a long time and it is only recently that this message has presented it self when booting up. Thanks for your input Impi
  5. Thanks Tarun Indeed it could be something going as it is quite an old computer and I do need a new one. I actually downloaded Dial-a-fix but decided to ask for help first incase there is a simple solution. Do you think it would be worth trying to use Dial-a-fix or would I be wasting my time? Thanks again for your help. Hello Eldmannen Nice effort on the Zulu language. You had me going there for a moment. Regards - Impi
  6. Hello Tarun and thank you for the welcome. When I bootup, I get at the very top the following: Award Modular Bios V4.51PG This is then followed by about two lines of information and then - Check System Health! Vcore = 2V <CPU ID:0673 Patch ID: 000E> This right at the beginning after the Award Modular Bios V4.51PG. This is followed by more information and then Loading Windows 2000. Hope this helps. Bayete Eldmannen Sawubona Ngiyabonga (thank you for your message) You seem to have a grasp of the Zulu language - have you lived in South Africa? Hamba Kahle
  7. Hello Lunarsoft I am new here and go under the name of Impi. Impi is a Zulu word for warrior. My problem: When I boot up - I get the following message: Check System Health! Vcore = 2V <CPU ID:0673 Patch ID: 000E> My system is Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4 Can any one tell me how I can sort this out. I recently had a lot of Spam and downloaded SPAMfighter which seemed to bring the spam under control. However the system seemed to go downhill from there and started re-booting of its own accord. This would happen about twice a day. It was also very slow. After much stress ( I am not a computer fundi but dabble a little trying to understand and learn) it was recommended I download Advanced WindowsCare Personal. I was amazed at the problems I had after running that software. Once the scan & repair was completed my system is pretty much 80% back to normal. I still have the odd issue which I won't post just yet until I can establish the exact nature. In the mean time I would like to start with the above Chech System Health problem and any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Best regards - Impi PS. The word Fundi above is also a Zulu word meaning knowledgeable.
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