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  1. I got a 5770, it should be here tomorrow. I'll have to get TF2 and play a few rounds with you some time. The rest of you list I already got on xbox.(besides counterstrike, but I hate that game)
  2. What games do you play? I just ordered a graphics card for my new pc so that I can finally game on it.(Got tied up with ps3/xbox games the last few months and didn't even want another platform to play on just then.) I'm thinking of getting TF2 and maybe UT3 if people even still play it.
  3. I played the demo on xbox. I thought the melee weapons were cool and all but I played the crap out of the first one and didn't want to play another so quick. I'll probably pick it up after I'm done playing all the other games that just came out.
  4. I would try system restore. If it works its probably a good idea to do a massive back up of everything on the computer.
  5. I like the new MS security essentials. Windows 7(and vista) come with Defender installed, I figured since it was running by default that I may as well get a better version. MSE disables defender on installation and doesn't seem to use any extra resources. Before now I haven't been using anything at all for a few years now.
  6. I guess your right. I didn't really look into it much, I just know some processors have it and some don't. Even some of the older Core2 ones don't so I figured it was hardware. whatever. I just tried to install SP2 on my virtual xp and got an error, then I checked in the system menu and it actually has sp3 installed, I didn't check before. I just saw the old versions of IE and WMP and figured it was not up to date.
  7. I got XP mode working. And I'm about as underwhelmed as I expected. I wish they would have at least included an updated version of xp... I haven't played with virtual machines much but I assume I can update it myself? I'll play with it later.(MUCH later) :P
  8. Ok, so I said I would do a write up of my initial response to windows 7 and here it is. I'll start with the bad... 1. DO NOT LET WINDOWS INSTALL YOUR DRIVERS. Caps are lame, but you need to pay attention to this. The first time I installed windows 7 I booted the computer, enabled auto updates and let it do its thing. The bad thing about the way it updates is that unless you click on the "number of updates" link in the auto update page you don't actually know what its installing. I went from having a fully functional machine to having my lan card not work(installed wrong driver) and my vi
  9. Ok so far I like windows 7 a lot. I really hate the new taskbar, luckily you can make it function like the old one(turn off grouping and enable quick launch). The way it is by default is exactly like the dock in osx which I've always hated. I can see where it would be good if you had a tiny screen and a bunch of windows open, but I don't have that problem. Here is a screenshot: Everything else is perfect. Its like vista and xp combined where everything looks great(really like the new paint and wordpad...) but works. I haven't tried xp mode yet but I will soon. I haven't gotten t
  10. The case is pretty sturdy, I'm not worried about it being a problem. Its just ugly. I have everything put together now, now I just have to wait for windows 7 to come out. I got the RC download a long time ago and never tried it, don't see much point in spending the time to set it up now. I think I'm going to go ahead and order one of the new ati cards, there was one that was only about $130 which would do whatever game/blu ray stuff I decide to do.
  11. My case just got here. For some reason it took a little longer than the other parts. Anyway its actually not bad considering it was only $35 with free shipping. It doesn't look too bad, its cheap plastic in the front and the paint is definitely junk but it has 3 fans(didn't know this when I bought it.. One in back, one on front one on top), its plenty big enough and seems pretty sturdy. I also like the removable filter on the front fan. I've never used tooless drive holders before. Not sure I'm too crazy about them, I may remove them and just use screws. I'm not going to be able to build
  12. If you can get hijackthis to run again do this: Click the button that says "do a system scan only", once the scan completes then click "save log" on the bottom left. If that doesn't work try to run this: Go to Kaspersky website and perform an online antivirus scan. Read through the requirements and privacy statement and click on Accept button. It will start downloading and installing the scanner and virus definitions. You will be prompted to install an application from Kaspersky. Click Run. When the downloads have finished, click on Settings. Make sure these boxes are checked (ticked
  13. Go to hijackthis and right click the icon and click rename. Name it lunarsoft.exe. See if you can get it to run now(just click run and save log file and a notepad file will open up.) Copy and paste that log here.
  14. Macs don't need viruses. The OS will delete your data all on its own. http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/10/11/major-bug-in-snow-leopard-deletes-all-user-data If your a mac user(why?), don't use guest accounts!
  15. I decided that since windows 7 is just around the corner it was time for me to get a new dedicated computer for it. I skipped vista and its been a while since I got a new desktop so I figured now was as good a time as any. Parts should be here by tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll be able to get it together this week. (school :( ) I cant get windows right now anyway, so I don't guess it matters. Anyway here is what I got. Amd Athlon II X4 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103706 Motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138146 Ram:
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