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  1. Windows 7 beta is out: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx The servers are getting hammered though so good luck getting it. :P
  2. PC Tools used to have a bootable version of spyware doctor that they gave away for free. Not sure if its still around though, it was actually pretty decent.
  3. On my home computers I don't use anything as they are pretty well maintained. I do however have avast on my laptop after there was an outbreak of a USB drive virus at the university that I attend. I was lucky enough not to get infected by it but I probably would of had I used my drive then.
  4. I started this topic on another forum and didn't bother to edit it any. I sort of have been here for years anyway though so I don't think it really matters. Ok guys, some of us have been hanging out here for years and if you've been anything like me than you've probably installed/removed hundereds of programs by now. So now I'm curious after all this time have you found your select "set" of programs that you've decided on or do you still switch them out weekly/daily/whatever. I have definitely settled on my select programs that I've been using day in/out for the last year or more. I actually very rarely try new stuff anymore(shocking, I know). So if you've settled on your programs then what are they? Here is basically my pc in a nutshell: Browser: Firefox with adblock plus and firegestures. Office Suite: MS Office 07 Audio Player:WMP 11 Archive Program: 7zip Chat/IM: Pidgin PDF Reader:Foxit Pictures: Picasa(Still cant emphasize enough how awesome this program is) Cleaning/Tweaking: CCleaner, desktop maestro, autoruns Security: I have avast on my laptop currently and hijackthis Burning/Converting Music/ect: Ashampoo free, Foobar(lame mp3 encoding), dvd fab, shrinkto5 Thats pretty much it, out of all the stuff that I've used over the years this is pretty much all I use on a daily basis. When I reformat my computers these are the only programs I bother installing anymore.
  5. Mine is from the most awesome video game to come out in ages: GEARS OF WAR 2!! You must play this game! Epic from start to finish. Its like everything you've ever thought was cool in an action movie amped up to the highest possible degree of badassness. oh and if you don't like it: (yeah I'm going to be using this smiley for a while...)
  6. :P It should be a requirement that every forum have that smiley. :P
  7. I did it twice to see what would happen, pretty consistent actually. :P
  8. I like the idea of webmail because I have so many computers but I much prefer using a dedicated client. With this I'm basically using webmail through a client if that makes sense. I think this program is literally logging you into live/hotmail when you use it and instantly making changes. But you can also use this client with other emails too(gmail, ISP, whatever).
  9. I'm not sure how many of you already know about this program but its basically microsofts new free email client. Here is a link: http://get.live.com/wlmail/overview Its not even closely related to outlook express(meaning it doesn't suck). Its got a great interface and is easy to configure. It does everything you would want an email client to do. Here is what I really like about it though: free pop access to live.com email(new hotmail). Whats really cool though is that it syncs with live in a way that however you change your mail on the site or in the client it knows. So you get the benefit of webmail(same wherever you log in) with the benefit of having a dedicated client when your on your own machine. The new hotmail is pretty good(its no longer called hotmail so there is a plus there) but the thing has been completely overhauled and I would say it rivals gmail. Plus since @live.com is sort of new you can get the email address you want without having to add tons of numbers(I did anyway. )
  10. Here is mine. I wish I was there instead of here. Its cold and the weather sucks. ;)
  11. Asquared isn't worth 50 cents. Way too many false positives. Superantispyware free all the way. ;)
  12. Its linux mint. It comes looking like windows(which is nice) but things can get crowded on the task bar so I changed it back to the default gnome look.
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