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  1. Best procedure I've read regarding keeping the home computers clean was regarding a man who had 2 teenagers, each with their own computer. Periodically they'd come to him for help because "something got in". The first two or three times it happened he could spend sevaral hours cleaning them, re-setting the connections etc, and then telling the kids how to update software, what not to click on, why etc etc. Came the point it happened again, 'twas obvious the advice had gone in one ear and out the other. Sick of spending the hours, he simply re-formatted and reinstalled. Handed them back, good as new. All files, pics, favourites gone forever. The kids learned to take responsibility for their software pretty fast after that.
  2. There's a pretty good range of views here. Seriously, though, I doubt there is a "best". (There may be a "best" in one small time period, for a particular malware, on a particular machine, but there are too many variables.) "Best" is what works well on your machine with the configuration you have, that you can understand and get help for if needed, and that provides good blocking/cleaning abilities. I find Avast! Home works well on mine (in combination with a few other goodies) and have no need nor reason to want to change. It raises the question, what are you using now, to get all these virus attacks of which you speak, and typically how do they happen? What actions or websites trigger them?
  3. 3rd one down, here. Only drawback is it starts with Windows. I quite like the Karens' tools. You can configure the clock to play any sound you want. There are probably others. This is the only one I know of, though, not ever having had cause to look.
  4. As well as script blocking the pro version has the ability to schedule a scan from within the interface (as opposed to using a workaround task-scheduler system for the free) and the ability with that scan to decide in advance how malware should be treated when detected. Frankly, if the lack of that ability in the Home version was an issue for me, I'd be prepared to purchase the pro if I was in the market for a paid AV. I believe it's that good. Never had an issue, nor any malware worth speaking of.
  5. Avast has an antirootkit module that scans after startup, silently. I believe it's based on Gmer.
  6. Tarq57

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    Firefox 2 w/ noscript, adblock plus, download helper, and IE extension (can use this for ms update.) Popular, innit? IE for those few sites that don't display well with FF.
  7. I don't remember them being bad in the past, but maybe now..... But seriously, I have a bit of a low opinion of the current AdAware. The parent has never been "rogue",though, AFAIK.
  8. Minor point of correction, here. The reason the company was listed on Spywarewarrior as a rogue was because of an association with a known spyware or adware vendor, Ibis. Crawler dot com subsequently cleaned its act up. Some 18 months later it was de-listed. The program (SpywareTerminator) has never come bundled with malware of any kind, although for a time there were a few sites or programs flagging it as such, because of this past association of the parent company. ZoneAlarm was one, MVPS Hosts was another. I was a happy user of the program for about 18 months, indeed recommended it for a time. It now comes bundled with the Crawler toolbar; installation is optional. The reason I became somewhat disillusioned with it is because it appeared that the company were placing greater resource into marketing the toolbar than into improving the bugs/shortfalls in the program. That may have changed, don't really know. At the time I last used the application over 6 million installs had been recorded. It has quite a few happy users. There's also no shortage of problem reports at its forum, unfortunately. I haven't felt seriously tempted to try it again.
  9. I have SAS on the PC, have had for a while. Reading a few HJT logs, over a time (I browse these a bit) it's quite telling how many malware-affected computers are using WD. Not so many running SAS, especially resident, seem to have these issues, and sometimes SAS is recommended- and does the job- for some malware that in the past would need a few more specialist tools, involving the "helper" writing several scripts to run. I think any malware toolkit could only benefit by its inclusion. Others I think worth giving consideration to are MBAM, and (bit more specialist/noob unfriendly) the excellent AVZ antiviral toolkit. I indicate this as "noob unfriendly" because AFAIK the only help files/support forums are in Russian, and it's possible to seriously bork the OS if misused.
  10. Don't have the required skills to usefully test Beta's, but I'll be watching this thread with interest. The descriptions posted on the website for each application look quite interesting. Question, Mihail, does the Privacy Cleaner eliminate file references stored in the MFT for files that have been deleted/erased?
  11. Working well, here. Full scan seems a bit faster, 8 min,didn't time the earlier version but I'm pretty sure it was at least 10.
  12. Brilliant. Worth going through the hassle, if you get to keep it!
  13. An ancient Nokia 2100. It's used only for texting (occasionally) and semi-emergency or emergency calls. And as an alarm clock. No plan. Costs me about $25/year.
  14. Hi from another New dude. (Newd?) Do you really connect to the internet with that thing? :)
  15. The short answer concerning Defender is that I'm biased, based on experience long ago, and current opinions read (mainly) at other forums. The short answer concerning Onecare is also bias, this based on my inherent dislike of suites, and also of opinions read some time ago, although apparently the application has improved considerably, its reported efficacy is not sufficient for me to part with $ for it, especially when there are excellent free alternatives. The slightly longer answer concerning Defender is that I used its predecessor years ago. I used to get malware all too often. Three or four significant adventures. I found that the MS offering never alerted to it, yet other applications would. Some of those other applications were also able to clean it. Reviews I've read since then basically indicate that Defender is OK, but without great detection/cleaning ability, and that there are better. I keep those "better"ones available in case of another "adventure", but prefer prevention to cure, and so find a combo of 2 way firewall, AV, and behaviour blocker, plus a few immunities seem to be doing the job rather well. There is no slightly longer answer concerning Onecare. Suites are entirely appropriate for those who want them. If I wanted to purchase a suite, it would probably be from a different vendor, say, Kaspersky, or Avira. I found in the past that the AV's I've used, including AVG and Norton, were not good with Trojans, probably because of the many places and ways the little bu@@ers install themselves to, and that more specialist tools were, at times, needed. For a genuine detection in a restore point, switching off system restore, rebooting, then switching it back on again is an easy way to remove them, provided the 'pooter is running well/malware has been fully cleaned.
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