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  1. Corey


    On my local news broadcast they talked about myspace.com... All bad news .....Concerned about teenagers giving away too much personal information....The word is out...........
  2. Corey


  3. Lunarsoft is like coming home after a long trip abroad...Glad it's still around..
  4. Corey

    America's Army Training Question

    I adjusted my mouse sensitivity to make Expert Marksman....Duh...
  5. Corey

    America's Army Training Question

    I didn't say it was hard , rather fun to me. Ooh Rah ! I like the idea you can repeat the training to perfect your skills. In real=life basic training we didn't get that chance.
  6. Corey

    sick stupid people

    I agree , but you have to remember , this is America !!!! Everyone has rights and you are innocent until proven guilty.....sarcasim.........We should do as India does and cut off his D... and balls when commiting a sexual crime...You get caught stealing they cut off 1 hand , get caught again and they cut off your other hand..Punishment for the crime... We in America are too leanient ........
  7. Corey

    America's Army Training Question

    Did you use your mouse or keyboard to shoot ? Oh well, I'll keep trying foe Expert because I want to go on to Adv. Marksmanship and eventually SF training.....Any tips ? BTW ... My compass at the top keeps moving and I have to keep arranging my mouse to hold er steady..Is this supposed to happen or am I missing some sort of lock on the keyboard to hold my compass steady ? :eyeroll:
  8. Corey

    What did Santa bring you?

    You might have the best Christmas present of all......The spirit of selflessness and sharing...A Good Man takes care of his family first and foremost..
  9. Corey

    Did I handle this right?

    Time will turn the hurt into fond memories..... Sorry for the loss of Megan ... :(
  10. Corey

    Another America's army training question

    I preferred the pistol because you have more ammunition , Whereas the rifle has a limited amount of ammo. I ran out of ammo a couple of times in the Mout Training.... :P
  11. Corey

    Another America's army training question

    What is the vehicle identification part ?
  12. Corey

    America's Army Training Question

    Tarun, What did you qualify at in Basic at the Marksman Training ? I qualified at Sharpshooter with 35 hits.. No matter how many times I try I cannot seem to get the extra hit for an Expert Qualification.....
  13. Corey

    Texas shoot out

    Good idea.......
  14. Corey

    Texas shoot out

    Being from Texas myself ...I know those Texas Boys will be p***ed off to the hilt ... In Houston, if you get stopped for a simple traffic violation , the cop comes toward your car with his hand on his gun in the holster ..just in case.. I usually put both my hands on the streering wheel in clear sight of the officer until he gets right up to my car , so He will not get nervous and blow my head off...justifiably so...
  15. Corey

    Windows Live Messenger

    The more people I meet , the more I love my Dog.......