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  1. nor do you get to "retry" after you shoot the sargent or whoever in the face LOL. :D

    only thing i found hard in the AA training was the Parachute Jump and the Special forces or whatever that last training mission was.



    I adjusted my mouse sensitivity to make Expert Marksman....Duh...

  2. I think if someone is sick enough to be interested and/or involved in possessing/distributing/creating child pornography, they are beyond rehabilitation.  I cant see someone involved in this moving on to a productive and normal life. :P


    I agree , but you have to remember , this is America !!!! Everyone has rights and you are innocent until proven guilty.....sarcasim.........We should do as India does and cut off his D... and balls when commiting a sexual crime...You get caught stealing they cut off 1 hand , get caught again and they cut off your other hand..Punishment for the crime...

    We in America are too leanient ........

  3. Expert, 40/40.


    Did you use your mouse or keyboard to shoot ? :P

    Oh well, I'll keep trying foe Expert because I want to go on to Adv. Marksmanship and eventually SF training.....Any tips ?

    BTW ... My compass at the top keeps moving and I have to keep arranging my mouse to hold er steady..Is this supposed to happen or am I missing some sort of lock on the keyboard to hold my compass steady ? :eyeroll:

  4. ok so as some of you already know i had to reformat.

    Now i have re-downloaded AA but i can't get pass the MOUT training.

    I got too {guess the word} to do it properly that as soon as i finished it and exit the door I shoot the instructer dude..... :D

    I tried using the pistol - but it's rubbish for long range

    I tried the rifle- not too bad only a few points out (i got 9900 or something like that, around 8-9k usually)

    Also how do you turn on the night vision? I just can't seem to find the right button....

    the main problem is I am always sooo close to passing it...

    Is there any technic to get through that part?


    I preferred the pistol because you have more ammunition , Whereas the rifle has a limited amount of ammo. I ran out of ammo a couple of times in the Mout Training.... :P

  5. Being from Texas myself ...I know those Texas Boys will be p***ed off to the hilt ...

    In Houston, if you get stopped for a simple traffic violation , the cop comes toward your car with his hand on his gun in the holster ..just in case..

    I usually put both my hands on the streering wheel in clear sight of the officer until he gets right up to my car , so He will not get nervous and blow my head off...justifiably so...

  6. work is overrated...

    lolz. na i'm currently unemployed, actually at 21 years old i've never had a job lol. I hate workin with other people, mainly cause everyone i meet i want to gouge out their eyeballs with a fork cause of their stupidity...

    but coming this feburary I gotta go out and get me a job, even though i hate public places or being out in public all together..


    The more people I meet , the more I love my Dog....... punk.gif

  7. Excellent Work, MPHandler....

    I seem to wonder why some people do the things they do and have come up with a solution... :cuddle:

    There is no logical explaination in what they do .....unfortunately...

    All We can do is hope these kind of people find a higher source to make restitution for their bad deeds.and we have to go along and punish the ones we find to the best of our abilities.

    It is unfortunate that convicted criminals have certain RIGHTS...which I think their rights should be stripped totally when found guilty of any crime against humanity....Treat them as the criminal they are and punish them with the crime they themselves committed.....

    Oh , BTW Thank You .... One less sick M....F..... off the streets....

  8. My power supply is 300W! My AGP is 4X


    The ATI 9800Pro is a high-end video card as you said before ..I would check the mfg's specs about what power supply to use and if it comes with an AGP interface.

    This card might be PCI Express interface only...BE SURE. :cuddle:

    However, You can install the 256MB Ram Memory and find out what happens...This will not be hard to do...Once you put in the card and power up... your system will either reject the extra ram or recognize the extra ram.....If your system recognizes it run your most robust game and find out if the original problem stops... punk.gif

  9. My board can take 3GB my friend. I'm just adding a 256MB stick and that will only add 768MB of RAM. but my video card need replaced badly


    Like I said , expand to at least 1GB Ram .......2GB would be better ..I am not sure your system will notice a major difference with an extra 256MB.....

    What is is Power Supply Wattage ?

    When you get a new video card , it will tell you what Powr supply you will need to run the VC.....Also , make sure you get the right interface.....AGP...PCI EXPRESS..or God forbid, PCI SLOT....

  10. How many memory slots are available ?

    Make sure you check your Power supply Wattage.(350W or more).

    I would expand your memory to a least 1 GB Ram , even if you have to take out your existing Ram boards and put in new ..Also make sure you get 2 DIMM cards that are 512MB the same. Looks like your system may only take 1GB or maybe 2GB Ram...BE SURE.... :cuddle:

    If you get a new video card with 128MB , make sure your power supply can handle it. You should have a video card with 128MB at least .....

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