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  1. I had forgotten about the Malwarebytes program and have just run it, I told you last time I was a bimbo - 26 infections were found and removed so I have now included a fresh updated Hyjack log. Last time I was logged in you recommended the Avast program I did not get around to installing it but it seems that McAfee goes for a sleep when Trojans etc., just walk onto my system. I would be most grateful if you could take a look at the logs for me when its convenient I know it's Sunday. Also do I really have anything to worry about regarding Rootkits I had never really heard about them unt
  2. Dear Lunarsoft you helped me once before and I am afraid to say I am back yet again. Over the past week my PC has slowly ground to a halt and I am totally stressed I have been very careful not to download anything or visit dodgy sites so how this has happened I dont know. When trying to print documents the printer wont start although it states that docs are pending printing. I have recently been reading up on RootKit problems and have included a readout of what was found but there is no advice on how to remove the problems today I have 27 problems last night it found 76. I have also include
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