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  1. Ok, I followed your instructions above just as you have them and after clicking "GO" I ended up with this message: "Error 127: C:\WINDOWS\system32\qmgr.dll is not unregisterable or the file is corrupted. Your version of qmgr.dll is 6.2.2600.1106. Please contact dial-a-fix@DjLizard.net so that an exception can be made for your version of this file." Actually that error popped up two times during "Stop services", but the second time it of course replaced "not unregisterable" with "not registerable". I've seen a lot of computer errors myself, but this is the first time Dial-a-fix hasn't auto-fixed everything. I've attached a log file from the latest run of Dial-a-fix (not the time I just "Flush[ed] SoftwareDistribution" but the next step. I forgot to ask; should I run this in "safe mode"? Let me know if this is at all helpful to you on the Dial-a-fix end of things; I'm thinking this particular hard drive may not be long for this world! 09_09_2008.txt
  2. I was running Dial-a-fix on an Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz PC with about 382MB RAM, XP SP 1 (Dial-a-fix version and got the error message "Error during registration of C:\Windows\system32\wuaueng.dll - version: 7.2.6001.784. The error returned is: The specified service has been marked for deletion. (-2147023824)" I rebooted the PC and re-ran Dial-a-fix with the same result. I also got two Error 127 for file qmgr.dll (not registerable and not unregisterable or file corrupted). Windows itself seems to be working fine, except automatic updates are unable to be enabled. I even went into services.msc and tried to enable them with no luck. This is the only time I've come up against a problem that Dial-a-fix didn't straightaway handle. It also said to email DjLizard with this, but I figure if anyone else is having this issue (or knows what to do) perhaps they can benefit from it (plus, I can't seem to find the site with the "lizards" on it anymore; perhaps that was due to the hard drive failure I read about in the blogs?). Feel free to move, ban, etc. if this is posted in the wrong place (or shouldn't be posted at all!). Logfile_09_02_2008.txt
  3. I've been working on computers for about as long as I can remember and have always worked with not-quite-working PCs or had a job in a...to put it mildly...unorganized IT department. So, I'm always on the lookout for utilities, fixes, etc. Dial-a-fix has been a great find; people ask me where I find all this software and usually I end up referring them to Dial-a-fix. Even though I've just migrated to WinVista x64 (because I like a challenge!) most people haven't so I'm still finding Dial-a-fix useful. Also, I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve as far as PC problems go (hence the Win Vista move). Anyway, thanks for a great product and I hope to come across more on here.
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