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  1. Thanks for replying. I've already run a bunch of cleaning utilities. I also just ran the 2 you mentioned and still there's only 2% of my hard disk available (not even enough to run defrag). Would DAF have created some system copy before it ran? It's like there's something big on my disk and not viewable in Explorer (hidden). I've been through all of the files and can't see anything that's very different than a month ago. Am I going to have to have my hard drive rebuilt (again, just did it last year and cost me $200)? Sorry to put you through my problems. I don't know who else to ask? lput
  2. I admit I'm not a power user, but I thought I could fix my laptop. It wasn't installing Windows updates. So I went to the MS web site and read about Dial a fix. I didn't check available disk space before I ran it, but about a month ago I ran a disk defrag and had plenty of disk space (18 GB disk). After I ran DAF, I got a warning about running out of disk space. Sure enough, there's only 400 MB left on my disk. Can someone tell me what to do now? Thanks, lput
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