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  1. WD scans are working. It's not automatic, it notifies you that it needs to run a scan, click in the notification and it runs. It's doing it every day, apparently that's the default.
  2. WD periodic scanning turned itself back off,but today it's back on again. Yesterday it wouldn't stay on unless I disabled Avira, the icon was still in the system tray but hover gave a tooltip that said it was turned off. Turn it back on, it would turn off again after a short time. I was able to update it - it wasn't auto-updating - and start an on-demand scan, but it shut down before it completed. Disabled Avira, then I was able to complete a scan. Then tried to do a startup scan, another feature it has, but that failed. But today, as I said, it's back on, and it's staying on. But ho
  3. Linux Mint also has an Xfce edition, for one lightweight alternative. Antergos does look interesting. I looked at Arch, decided it was too much effort, but it sounds like Antergos overcomes that. Might try that out, too. Nice thing about Linux, you don't have to install it to try it out. A big advantage for Arch and its variants is that it's rolling release, it updates continuously. You never have to install a new version to be up to date, which saves a lot of time and effort.
  4. I use Avira, have for several years. It's pretty lightweight, and it's the most trouble-free AV I've used. Ranks high in AV Comparatives' tests. Windows Defender has limited periodic scanning available with the AV installed, to turn WD on fully would require uninstalling Avira. I have had WD scans disabled because I thought it a waste of resources, but I'm giving it another try now. I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. I want to break Cortana - how do I get it to do that?
  6. Here's the latest protection test, they don't come off so well - http://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/avc_prot_2016a_en.pdf In the latest file detection test, they do even worse - http://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/avc_fdt_201603_en.pdf
  7. In AV-Comparatives' tests, Sophos didn't do very well. I'm still happy with Avira. It remains among the top performers, and not bloated - they keep adding new features, but they're optional to install.
  8. You're armed with knowledge and caution, tools many people are unable or unwilling to get, and they require some effort. AV is not an adequate substitute for them, unfortunately.
  9. AV has never been more than just one weapon in your security arsenal, anyone that thought it made you safe online by itself was a fool. As for Norton, I can't understand why it's still popular - people just not paying attention?
  10. Ditched Norton years ago, wouldn't touch any if their products with a 10 ft pole. A lot of people bought the story that they were so much better now - suckers!
  11. No doubt that was the problem. Another reason to do a clean install, if you don't have lots of extra HD space. I just did some research and found out you can remove those recovery files with the Disk Cleanup utility, just select clean up system files. You lose the option to roll back then, of course.
  12. By all accounts, clean installs generally go smoothly. Glad to hear yours went well. One other thing I should mention, for anyone else who's making the move - it takes up quite a bit more space than Win 7. For my Win 7 install, I created a 50GB system partition and a large data partition, and that was fine - plenty of room. Updated to Win 10, and it filled the system partition right up - not enough space left for defragging, before there were even any updates. I expanded the partition to 75GB, and that has proved to be barely enough - I wish I'd gone a bit larger.
  13. I did on my desktop, it was a pain. The update process was glitchy, I should have gone the clean install route. Once it was finally installed, it was messed up - opening to the Start menu instead of the desktop (I hate the new Start menu, too), and no desktop shortcuts when I finally got it to display. Eventually figured out it had switched to Tablet Mode and got that corrected. Worse problem was it broke my dual boot setup, Linux Mint wouldn't open, Couldn't even locate its files from the live disc. Win 10 had created a new recovery partition when I was already at the limit for prim
  14. They'll be real impressed when you tell them how to get the "secret" 64-bit upgrade. I really don't understand what the holdup is. It's been in the works for a long time - who are these partners that still aren't ready for it? It's hard to imagine how anyone could be that slow and stay in business.
  15. Yep, Firefox 42 is available for Win 64, it is an official build. On this Bugzilla page - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1181014#c24 this was posted: "We won't update the download page with Windows 64 builds for 42. We are waiting for some partner changes before making that public. However, the binaries will be available on the ftp for testing:" - followed by a link. I didn't post anything about it since Mozilla really frowns on sending the public to their ftp site, it can't handle the traffic. I wasn't quite sure I believed it anyway - Fx 37 was originally the targe
  16. What a hassle. I truly hate the stripped-down GUI in Edge. Of course, I use Firefox anyway, but I did try it out - after doing so, I'm sure I'll be using Edge even less than I used IE, and I used IE almost never.
  17. Cortana is one of the things I would delete from Win 10 if I could. Don't need it, don't want it, don't trust it.
  18. I came real close to rolling back to Win 7 - didn't have that problem, but there was a problem with the OS freezing up, requiring a hard reboot. Happened mainly when closing a game (any game, even solitaire from the app store), with a few random occurrences. The upgrade process was such a mess that I'd hate to go through it again, so I waited to see if it would be fixed - appears it has been, hasn't happened in a while. I use an app called Windows Firewall Notifier (found it on MajorGeeks), gives control of the Windows Firewall like a third-party firewall and hardens the settings by default. F
  19. I don't get a false sense of security from running AV - I'm still extremely paranoid about malware. I have multiple layers of security, but paranoia is the primary one. I also have other users on the computer. I'm not about to go without AV.
  20. That's great, hope you sell a million copies!
  21. Nice to hear from you again, Fred. It's been awhile. You can improve Win 10 privacy quite a bit with the Privacy settings, which are easy to find (Start > Settings > Privacy). That won't stop MS from collecting user data, though.
  22. Good that they're cleaning this up, but the fact that they allowed that kind of stuff into the Chrome Store in the first place is a major black mark against Google.
  23. I should have read more carefully - I thought they were recommending MBAM as an extra scan after AdwCleaner (which is a good idea, actually). I have found that AdwCleaner removes some junkware that MBAM doesn't. Pretty safe - it gives the option to unselect programs you don't want deleted, and it quarantines those it does so you can restore them if needed.   My only knock on it is that it resets some Firefox preferences that are not a problem - and you can't unselect those changes. Nothing that can't be restored, but it is a pain. Worth it if you have stubborn adware that you can't remo
  24. I found a few sites (a couple of them reputable) that have removal instructions for "Meteoroids", an adware that hooks itself into web browsers - perhaps that's what you have? It appears that you can remove it with AdwCleaner: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/adwcleaner.html   (I've used it myself, good program).<edit> see 2 posts down for details
  25. It's definitely strange. I applaud their decision to make only 10% of the content underwater, even though the new zones are in the "Plane of Water" - a little swimming goes a long way. The way they did that is downright bizarre - after swimming awhile, you pop out into a giant bubble, you're walking past fish flopping around. You meet the mermaid queen, who tells you about the terrible force that's taking the water away, and gives you a quest to rehydrate the merfolk who are getting all dried out. Props to the devs for originality - I never would have thought of that one.   Another whol
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