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  1. Giving 1.5 Beta a try, installed in a separate folder so I still have 1.0.6, too. I'd encountered different opinions about whether you had to use a different profile with 1.5 or not, so I tried it with my old profile. It worked, and the profile still works with 1.0.6, too, despite warnings I'd heard. I did run into some glitches when running 1.5 with the old profile that don't occur with a new profile, so I've decided a new profile is the way to go.
  2. If you want a really good laugh, check this out. http://www.winterson.com/2005/06/episode-i...ke-of-west.html
  3. I've been using a-squared free for a few months, I haven't had any false positives. Haven't had any positives at all, actually, since I've been using Firefox I rarely get any malware. A-squared has a support forum, maybe you should post about your suspected false positive on it.
  4. I voted "Maybe". So far we, the wishy-washy, are in the lead. To expand on my answer, let me add "if I wasn't broke". Hope you can attract some members who actually have money!
  5. From forum posts I've seen, I get the impression that a lot of less-advanced users are going to install it anyway. People who don't even know what a beta is are asking if they should update to it. I try to warn them off when I see those kinds of posts, but I'm sure there are plenty of others who are just just charging ahead and installing it, without knowing what they're doing. Anticipation has been building for this for so long... I hope it was fairly well debugged in alpha testing, or this is gonna be a huge mess.
  6. You're too kind. Well, I've got an avatar now. Not as ugly as Dj's though. Actually, mine is a pretty good likeness.
  7. Hello, there. You may recall my pathetic contributions to the CCleaner Forum. Or, if you ever visit the Mozillazine Forums, where I specialize in handling the Firefox questions that have been asked and answered a thousand times before, you've probably encountered my posts. If you've seen greenknight32 on MajorGeeks Forum, well that's me, too! (Apparently they already had a greenknight, who'da thought...) As you can probably tell, I have no life. Why greenknight, you may ask? (You don't care? Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyway!) It was originally a chess room handle, before I dropped that as a security risk. "Knight" is also because I come from Castle Rock, WA. And "green" because I'm an organic grower. I also collect cactus plants. I read omnivorously, I'm interested in almost everything. Except celebrities, I don't know why anyone cares about celebrities. Well that's enough for now (more than enough, you say?). See ya around the forum(s)! :D
  8. I totally agree. Good looking logo, good looking site generally. The registration process went very smoothly, too, except that the "Register" link didn't connect on the first try. Otherwise, perfect. So here I am, got me a single-digit member number! Should make it easier to fool people into thinking I know what I'm talking about. Now all I need is an avatar as ugly as DJ's...
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